Introducing Capture Bootcamp!

When you hear “bootcamp” you probably imagine dreaded 6am wake up calls, burpees and press ups. But we’ve just finished our first ever Capture one and it was nothing short of amazing - with no cardio required. There was some hard work involved though, but it did bring incredible results for hundreds of participants.

Capture Bootcamp - What Even Is That?

Capture Bootcamp was the brainchild of our CEO, Ryan, who recognised that the recruitment market is now totally different for recruiters than it was six months ago. He wanted to help consultants end the year on a high and get them prepared for whatever 2024 has in store. 

He recently delivered training to over 90 recruiters that worked wonders - we’re talking interviews, meetings booked, and new roles won - for half of the attendees within 36 hours. We then organised it into a 7-day programme to be delivered to more users! The best bit is, even if you weren't an existing user, you got a free license for the duration of the bootcamp!

This allowed everyone in the industry to benefit from impactful training AND free technology to help them turn things around.

No Pain, More Gain

The bootcamp was made up of three short 20 minute sessions each covering a different struggle in the industry right now. The first session was all about attracting candidates, the second was about standing out immediately to potential clients and the third was about becoming “famous” in your sector.

At the end of each session, Ryan would provide a 4-step play that everybody had to action. You don’t get a six-pack from sitting on the couch, and you definitely don’t get as good results or responses  when not using Capture. 

Did it Work?

Capture always works when you work. The results some of our troops got were unreal! If you don’t believe us - have a look for yourself. Here is some messages Ryan got from participants this week 👇

“I sent this Capture to my client who just wasn’t responding to emails and phone calls. I  needed his attention. He called me straight after receiving it confirming he wanted to interview the candidate! Thanks for a brilliant bootcamp and I’ll be using this method of communication much more than I have been!”

“Thought I’d let you know I’ve had a great response from my candidate Captures. Here is an example of a candidate I’ve been trying to reach FOREVER, who just came back to me!

Hi Charlie, thanks for reaching out. Love the video, seems like it really helps with engagement! Let’s arrange a call for Monday.”

“I sent 6 BD Captures today and 4 of them have come back to me… It’s looking good!”

“I had a huge Odro Capture success. Sent this Capture and the next day they called me back and gave me 9 roles to work on!”

“I’ve been following the Bootcamp and stepping up my efforts and I’m really impressed with the results! I’ve had great feedback from people (even if they’re not interested) thanking me for reaching out and making the effort to send a video!”

“I sent some Captures to potential clients and so far one has said they will be in touch in the new year, and I have a meeting set up for Wednesday for another potential project!”

“Hey Aron, nice touch with a personalised video - you caught my attention (where many others would have failed). We’re looking to strengthen [X] so we could have a chat about that for starters!”

Will There Be Any More Bootcamps?

There has been huge demand for more Bootcamps to be delivered, especially for our US and Aussie users, so we’re working on a plan for that in the New Year. But if you can’t wait ‘til then to see the results for yourself, book a demo and see Capture in action!

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