Introducing Our New Training Series

You’re probably used to saying “Got a free 15 minutes?”, but now it’s us asking you.

Most people do (even if your prospects say they don’t). Luckily, these new training sessions are filled with tips that will make your candidates and clients want to clear their diaries to speak to you.

To make sure our customers are getting the most out of our products, we’ve been working on a training schedule that’s easy to squeeze into your diary and will bring you lots of valuable knowledge. So without further ado, we’ve now launched “15 on Thursday”, a bi-weekly webinar hosted by our CEO, Ryan McCabe! 

The marketing team got the branding sorted, all the content together, and the link ready to send out. Then we find out Ryan is away at an event on the first Thursday. Classic, right? So, the first one is on Wednesday 17th April and then every second Thursday at 11:30 am from the 2nd of May!

What’s the first session about?

For our first webinar, we’re going back to basics. This doesn’t mean if you’re comfortable sending videos you should skip it, the content isn’t “here is how you record a video”. Ryan will go over the fundamentals of video sales messaging and the science behind good open and engagement rates.

In the 15 mins, he’ll cover:

- How to maximise engagement with video

- What works to stand out from your competitors

- How to personalise your outreach

- How to structure your video message

- The 15/15 rule

How to sign up and stay updated

The sessions will be hosted on Zoom and we’ll be emailing a link to our customers every couple of weeks to keep you updated. You can sign up to attend our first webinar “Video Messaging 101 with Ryan McCabe” on Wednesday 17th April at 2:45 pm here >>

If you want to prepare 🤓

We’re not giving you homework, but our “How to Create More Conversations in a Tough Market” playbook covers some of the content Ryan will be talking about. So, if you want to familiarise yourself with some of the topics of the webinar, this is the perfect pre-session reading!

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