Jenny from the Blog’s Covid-19 Chaos Advice

I can’t tell you how to survive the new normal as I’m just a mere mortal like yourself, but I can tell you how I’ve done it up until this point. I mean from the start of COVID-19, I’m not going to tell you how I’ve survived my whole 26 years because in all honesty I have no clue, and think it should maybe be studied. 

Jenny’s Iso Observations 

Be your own influencer 

First off, don’t let LinkedIn influencers get you down. Influencers be influencing, you be “you”-ing. They are most likely just trying to get traction/fame with their long inspiring post about “How best to work from home”. They don’t actually care whether you “get yourself in a routine” or “do a home workout”. I bet they’re not doing either and if they are it’s only so they can record it and post it. They’re in it for the SEO, hun. Don’t feel bad if you wore your jammies today and don’t feel bad for using this as an excuse to not exercise, you are more than entitled to do anything you like to get through this madness (except leave your house, obvs). Do what you feel is best for you. If that’s getting in a routine then great but if that’s having a lie-in and working a little later instead, that’s great too. As long as you’re getting what you need to do done then you should feel free to do it your way, not how some know-it-all on LinkedIn tells you to.

Radio gaga

Look for the positives of not being in the office! If you’re a radio on and sing-along person like me, then yay! You can have the radio on all day and sing away until your heart’s content. If you’re a work in silence person (aka, a loser) then you can have the silence you so desperately desire in the normal noisy office. I’m very much enjoying having Radio One on all day, and I’m finding it quite comforting that others in the same position are listening too, and calling and texting in. Also loving “Stupid Love” - Lady Gaga, “No Judgement” - Niall Horne and “This is the Place” - Tom Grennan. There is literally no one to stop you getting up and busting a move either! So do it, go on! You know you want to. 

Look forward to things

Our Whatsapp chat has been literally popping with post-COVID plans; the parties, the beauty treatments, the beer gardens! But we literally have no clue how long away that will be. So for now find things to look forward to in the short-term. Mine this week was Rosie and Chris Ramsey’s podcast, I refrained from listening until the Saturday morning lie-in and it felt like a nice treat from getting up, sitting at my kitchen table and working.  

Make plans 

Change existing plans to virtual plans instead of just cancelling them all together. “Wine Wednesdays” are still on, they’re just on video instead of in person (honestly boss, I only had two… bottles). No need for ubers home either, just try not to eat all your quarantine snacks at once. 

Gig cancelled? You can still listen to them and have a virtual party, and no queue for the bar, result! Bingo cancelled? Online bingo, and no queue for the bar, result! Golfing cancelled? Walk round your living room instead, and no queue for the bar, result! 

Now’s the time

Do something you’ve always wanted to do. I, for example, am writing this blog. As you know (and if you don’t then you should) I write content for Odro, which I love doing. But I have always wanted to write my own stuff too. Just been too nervous of what people would think because really I don’t feel I have the right to be giving anyone advice or assuming they would care what I think about anything? But, I enjoy writing, and I know people enjoy reading my writing. I’ve written wedding poems for family members before and I’m always the one writing the captions for pals’ instagrams. So I might as well give it a bash! They say everyone has a book in them and if I had written a book every time I’ve said “I wish I’d written all this down” I would have around 10 by now. I’ll be 27 next month and a psychic (lol, I know but bare with) told me this would be a less turbulent year for me. So is this the time to start looking back and writing it down? And this forced stop has given me the time to do something I’ve been thinking about for ages. 

Just keep swimming

In all seriousness, if you’re fed up, scared or just generally feeling extremely waaaah, I’m sure you know already you're not alone. As far as I can tell we’re all terrified (even the “unphased and still superhero levels of productive” LinkedIn preachers). Talk to your family, talk to your friends or talk to the samaritans (0330 094 5717). 

But also please promise me, under no circumstances will you use this opportunity to stalk your ex's social media! 

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