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In case you didn’t know, at Odro we love video. We love making videos, watching videos and selling video software. We find it’s the best way to communicate with each other, with our clients and with our potential customers. 

We’ve all misunderstood text only messages, “He only put one kiss emoji and normally he puts two kiss emojis, he is obviously planning on dumping me soon.” Or received that dreaded “K.” in response to your perfectly constructed paragraph about date night plans. 

With video, there’s less scope for the receiver to get the wrong end of the stick and you get your point across in a more engaging way. Being able to see people’s facial expressions, mannerisms and hear their tone of voice allows you to get the full picture of the message.

But videos aren’t always just for communication, business development or advertising, they’re for entertainment too. That school night “just one more” rabbit hole you’re in until you realise it’s all of a sudden 3am. Make-up tutorials, pro-gamers, celebrity vlogs, dance challenges, movie reviews, Primark hauls, Lol Surprise Dolls, gardening tutorials, Ikea Hunk (discovered this one when a bottle of wine deep trying to build a new cabinet), football highlights, Vogue's 21 Questions, Carpool Karaoke… the list goes on. In fact, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.   

See our top picks below, the videos that made us laugh, cry, dance, sing and tell our friends to watch too. 


The Tennant’s Round-Up of the Decade

Yes, technically an advert but so well done it deserves the praise. Released at the turn of the decade, Tennant’s video celebrates Scotland’s successes from the 2010s and sets us up for a momentous 2020s. Featuring the likes of Glasgow’s 2014 Commonwealth Games, Andy Murray’s Wimbledon win, THAT Calcutta Cup game and a famous altercation involving two wee girls, their mum and a toilet… say it with me “DISGUSTIN”. Little known Scottish recording artists Calvin Harris and Lewis Capaldi also feature. And who could forget our Hollywood screen time from the likes of Disney’s Brave to World World Z. 

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Tennant’s delivered nostalgia and pride for the decade past along with some much needed optimism for the future. I’ve watched the goosebumps inducing video multiple times, it’s a great pick-me-up when Scotland seems like the darkest, wettest and gloomiest place in the world. 


Taylor Swift feat. Screaming Goat

Taylor Swift’s 2012 hit “Trouble” featuring a screaming goat. There’s not much more I can say. If you don’t want to watch it from that then you don’t deserve the beauty of this video.

Admittedly this video is probably better if you watch it without seeing the title that literally tells you exactly what happens but “Snakes on a Plane” tells you exactly what’s going to happen too and it made 62 million dollars worldwide. Yes, I did just google “How much did Snakes on a Plane make” because I was that confident it made good money. I wasn’t wrong and you’re definitely going to remember that fact and use it in conversation, so you are welcome.    

Also Taylor Swift and the Goat is one of the only quick laugh viral videos I love that doesn’t contain one million swear words so it’s suitable for the blog. 

So yeah, please watch and enjoy 24 seconds of pure joy. 


Cynthia Nixon - Be a Lady They Said

A late entry as this video only just graced my timeline this morning but it’s too good and too important not to share with you all. Created by Paul McLean for “Girls. Girls. Girls.” magazine, Cynthia Nixon highlights the conflicting messages that women all around the world hear every day. I personally find it gut-wrenchingly relatable. “Be confident, but not so much that it seems arrogant.”, “Don’t be too sexual, but also don’t be boring or dull.”, “Please everyone, but don’t come across needy or desperate.” 

A lot of being a woman involves worrying about how you will be perceived by others. And basically trying to live up to the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” ideal. An MPDG has her flaws but only endearing little quirks… Flawed but in a sexy, cute way so she’s still appealing to all. She’s a girl who only exists in movies and McLean’s video reveals what it’s actually like to live in a world where you are scrutinised for everything, even by yourself. Give it a watch, you won’t be disappointed. 


So there you have it, Jenny’s top video picks. 

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