JobAdder Video Integration

A world-leading integration with
video, inside the JobAdder CRM

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Industry-leading Video Tech, Inside Your CRM

If you’re a JobAdder user and you’re using video, you need to see the Odro integration. Our development team worked with JobAdder to build out a tailored user experience from the ground up, providing users with a slick and seamless integration with video that dramatically increases efficiencies and improves workflows. We can even integrate your MS Teams videos. Streamline your operations with our award-winning video tech. When it comes to recruitment, there’s no better solution. Especially if you’re a JobAdder user.

Odro users are increasing conversion rates on vacancies by up to 70%  Source: cube19, 2021

Live two-way interviews

Conduct and record live, two-way interviews and have these automatically saved against your candidate’s record.

Solo one-way interviews

Send candidates pre-recorded interview questions they
can complete in their own time, direct from inside JobAdder.

Talent Dashboards

Send your clients a digital shortlist, with candidate videos and documentation, all in one place, again direct from JobAdder.

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The Complete Solution

  • Instant HD video messaging
  • Boost engagement rates by 80%
  • Real-time notifications
  • Complete video editing suite
  • Job ads & brand promotion
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Live two-way interviews
  • One-way solo interviews
  • Shortlisting & analytics

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