Just Because You’re in Quarantine Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Go Viral

Everyone is talking about the Coronavirus. You’ve heard the scary facts, horror stories and you’re either panicking, talking about how it’s been blown out of proportion or somewhere in between. But the reality is that the repercussions during and after a potential spread are very much a big deal. In case you’re currently living under a rock (or you’ve self-quarantined and your WiFi has gone down) here’s the deal.  

At the time of publication, there are 40 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK and almost 100,000 worldwide. While the death rate remains low, the virus is highly contagious which means the UK toll is expected to rise to thousands in the coming weeks. 

Realistically, we all have to think ahead and quickly. With a 2008 style recession predicted if businesses can’t “Keep Calm And Carry On”, now’s the time to think about contingency planning. And not just in case an employee contracts the virus, but also to contend with travel bans which can wreak havoc. 

Staff can be prepped to work remotely but how can you ensure it’s business as usual? The hiring process is already littered with roadblocks, the last thing recruiters need is upheaval for themselves, their clients and their candidates. 

In these situations it can be tempting to just sit back (get a pint) and wait until it’s all blown over. But in the recruitment world that’s not an option as the hiring process, for most, involves people travelling to and attending face to face interviews. 

But instead of watching This Morning in your pants, video interviewing software means you can keep being the awesome recruiter we know you are! Odro’s Live Interviews and Solo Interviews allow you to keep filling positions with no need for face-to-face interviews. Odro Capture allows you to keep the business development up with short messages to potential clients who will now be considering video more than ever. It’s a chance to share your USP, plus they get to see your pretty face (it’s possible they’ve not seen another human for months at this point).

Stay safe, stay productive and, as always, our dedicated support team will be here to deal with any technical issues you may encounter when working remotely.

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