Keep Your Candidate Leads Warm Over Christmas

It’s chilly out there folks. We’re headed for the time of year where many candidates become a bit frostier towards their employers and might be looking for a new challenge in the new year. “New Year, new me” isn’t one of the most popular quotes in January for nothing.

Returning to work after a lovely holiday is tough, but some people actually follow through on their intrusive thoughts of “I need a new job”m making January the most popular month for job seekers.

Why January?

It’s a pretty bleak month, let’s face it. A new year can be intimidating and many people are left feeling dissatisfied returning to work after a week of sweet treats, huge dinners and a tipple or two (hundred). New Years resolutions also play a big part. Candidates might want a new challenge, a better work/life balance, a promotion they can’t get in their current role or just a change of pace/industry. Or maybe they got a bit too drunk at the Christmas party and can’t face their colleagues again 🤷‍♀️ The long wait for January pay might also add a little resentment…

How can you make this work for you?

It’s obvious. More passive candidates! But don’t wait until January to reach out. December is usually considered the quietest time for recruiters, but it’s actually a fantastic time to put some feelers out there. It pays to be ready (literally)! You have less competition and as it’s “lets circle back next year” time, a lot of candidates who are usually too busy and ignore you might actually have a little more time to sit and consider a change. 

Make a plan of action!

Make no mistake. This doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to get a response at this time of year. You still need to go the extra mile and stand out.

Send a Christmas Capture: Christmas cards are always a nice thoughtful touch, but Christmas Captures take you to the next level. Send a hyper-personalised video message with your well wishes over the festive season so you’re in mind before they finish up.

The GIF that keeps giving: Christmas is all about getting crafty. Stand out in their inbox by selecting GIF in your preview, and go wild. Get a Santa hat! Do the Love Actually thing. We can guarantee they’ll love it and there’ll be nothing like it in their InMail.

Keep the content flowing: Just because everyone else might be quieting down on LinkedIn doesn’t mean you should. If you have candidates as connections, posting regularly will keep them at the forefront of their mind. Don’t post about jobs. Post about fun festivities! Keep the business for next year.

Respect their time (and yours): It’s grand to message before and after the Christmas break, but remember you deserve a break too! Don’t spend too much time scrolling through LinkedIn and messaging candidates when you should be relaxing and eating pigs in blankets and drinking mulled wine. Repeat after me. RECRUITERS NEED BREAKS TOO. 👏

So don’t wish the month away before finishing up for Christmas. Use any extra time you have to plan ahead and soon you’ll be rockin’ around that Christmas tree… and around the New Year fees! 🎄🎁

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