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Ssssssssales. Why are sales people so often tarred with the same brush of being a bit dodge, a bit cocky and renowned over promisers?  I can honestly tell you first hand, having watched the Odro team at work that they are none of the above, in fact, they are the complete opposite.  Smart, caring, buoyant.

Having spent six months watching the sales team work their magic, I have observed that to be a great and a genuine sales professional, you need to be pretty special type of person, which, let’s face it, is pretty much all of us at Odro.  One of the toughest gigs going, the responsibility that rules the sales team is massive.

The team, particularly the account managers, have the weight of the company on their shoulders.  Time is spent building relationships and pushing barriers out the way, there are so many challenges you face when you don’t have an established name like ‘Microsoft’ or some other big brand behind you, negotiating deals can be painful and long and then continuous account management once the deal is done are some of the skills and protocols of being a successful sales executive.

So what makes them so great?  Well to start with, their ability to multi task is insane, they always, always keep their cool, no matter how stressful the situation is becoming and one of the best, I have witnessed, the team focus ahead and always look at the bigger picture, not just the then and now quick sale, they see beyond in order to figure out what is best for the client and best for us.

Ok so great, they have all the amazing skills above but what’s the stand out? What makes for the most successful of sales people?  Perception!  There are no impossible challenges, they are no objections.  The perception of a top account exec sees only opportunities and potential to build relationships and find out more about the potential client.  A good sales team is ambitious and hungry to lead each other and to celebrate successes together, so what are the top traits for a successful sales team?

Believe in your product: Everyday we sell ourselves, on dating websites, in job interviews, we sell getting an curry over a pizza takeaway or watching Suits over Spooks and it works, why? Because we believe.  If you don’t believe in your product, you can’t possibly make someone else believe in it.

Nobody is the same:  Just as no two humans are the same, no two sales executives approach with the same tactics.  Work to each individual persons strengths, allow them to find their own way and don’t force what works for you on them or you’ll have a lot of awkward and stilted office moments.

Woah, slow down!  There is no rush.  Build your relationships, learn about their company culture and the size of the business, who are their customers and their potential customers?  Do you know who the decision maker is.  Once you dig deep you can offer a product that can be tailored to fit perfectly into their business model

What? What? Is not a word you will hear a good sales person say, do you know why? Because they listen to their client and potential client and they take everything in and they write it down and remember.  Silence does not always need to be filled.  A wee minute to absorb any information you have been given is so important.

Strong, resilient: This is so important because the chances are, you are going to get knocked down a hundred times but you need to keep on bouncing back, you need to take the punches of a hung up phone.  The people that won’t view your product because there is a cheaper or free version out there (even though the reality is, you know it is a completely different product)

What are your thoughts on what makes a great sales executive?

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