Use the tools you have available
When using Capture™ for business development, the heatmaps and analytics allow you to
see when the person is engaged with real-time notifications. Contact the prospect when
you know you’re fresh in their mind. Video is the easiest form of content to digest, it
makes the viewer feel like they’re already in conversation with you.

Be yourself
Video content is brilliant for building your personal brand as well as your company
brand. “People buy from people” may seem like a cliché, but it is true. Don’t be afraid to
show everyone you are an expert in what you’re talking about. Put a face, and
personality, to your name. Further enhance your branding by adding your logos and
overlays using Producer™.

Know your audience
Ask yourself, who is this content for? Am I connected with them? When will they be
online? Consider time zones, if they maybe use other channels as well as LinkedIn, and
read their bio. The more you can show them you know them and what they need the

What’s the point?
Say what you want to say, consistently. Don’t go off in a tangent. Whether you prefer to
script or ad-lib is personal choice but is this content relevant to them? Will they find it
helpful, insightful or entertaining? You will get far more traction and engagement when
you are proving value and/or solving their problems.

Be kind to yourself
You’re not always going to get traction or engagement but don’t give up. Keep track of
what works and what doesn’t and you’ll get there!

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