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As technology takes over the world, recruitment is an industry that embraces and moves with it and as such, recruitment videos are becoming the norm with more and more companies engaging with video to showcase their companies culture.  No longer an expensive thing to do, there is an abundance of cheap and free video softwares and there are many phones out there that can produce high enough quality of video that can be edited to perfection.  If you are new to video editing, it might look a bit scary but it’s not, with a clear brief and a few simple tricks up your sleeve you can create a professional and absorbing video.


Here are our top tips:

Organisation is key!

Sometimes the thought of filtering through hours of footage feels like a chore and a half but if you integrate a level of organization to the process you will spend less time editing and have less stress.

Before you start flick through the footage and delete anything unusable that is out of focus or the composition just doesn’t work.  This in turn, leaves you with a higher quality of material from the get go.  Rename your clips so you can instantly identify each one to create the perfect story with the first rough cut and from here you are well on your way to creating a compelling video.


Steady on!

Keeping a steady flow and tone is crucial in getting across your message, this is also dependent on what your message is and what candidates you want to attract.  Do you want to show a day in the life of? The benefits of working at your company or do you want to convey the culture?  One of the most important things is the sound track, nothing cheesy, nothing insane but rather evocative and redolent.  Do you want your video to be fun or more formal?  Consider this when choosing your soundtrack, don’t use something trendy if it is not representative of your company.  Just be real!  There are a few editing techniques such as J-Cut which is when the music starts before the video.  This creates a more professional appearance as well as a bit exciting.

Short and sweet!

The shorter your video, the more likely it is that potential candidates will watch it, particularly if they are doing so on their phones on their lunch break or tea break or the train.  Less than 3 minutes long is ideal (not too short mind you or you wont’ share enough info).  In all honesty, 3 minutes is actually a reasonably long time to be able to get your message across.  Also, keep it simple, don’t use wild fonts and crazy features, it makes people back off.

And finally, enjoy yourself. Once you have done it once or twice, it will be like riding a bike.

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