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Social Media it is, Facebook, Twitter it is not.

Many people conveniently connect all their profiles to create this large ball of social media but Linked In really needs to stand alone because it is a professional network and not a social ‘look at my tea’ network and so many people are confusing these boundaries and crossing them and in turn this can have a detrimental effect on your career.  So in order to make the post of this networking site in order to source a new job or connect professionally then consider avoiding the following.

Where’s your pic?  No photo? Why not?  A recruiter or potential connection is more likely to view your profile if you have one.  Equally, nobody wants to see a picture of you in a night club or of your dog licking your face on Linked In.  It’s your professional representation, potentially even brand representation of the company you work for so make sure your photo is in line with this.  Also, post a current photo, not one of you at 25 when you are 55.  It is misleading and could make you look deceptive.


Update regularly to show you are active.  It keeps things fresh and connections engaged.  It also shows you have something to bring to the table.  We have a hundred other social networks to share our personal information, hobbies, weekend shenanigans in but Linked In is about accomplishments in your professional life.

When you want to connect with someone, don’t just send the bog standard request, say something interesting, something that makes them want to connect, show them you have something valuable to offer and a relationship has worth.  If it is someone new, make sure you have checked them out and are not going in blind.  A customised message showing you have done your homework will stand out.

If you are on the hunt for a new opportunity don’t forget to update and tailor your privacy settings so that current colleagues and your boss don’t see you going Linked In crazy, updating your profile and connecting with competitors.


Do not scrimp on the summary, you are not limited to 2 typed up pages to tell someone EVERYTHING about you.  Linked In is an extension of your CV so make the most of it. Sell yourself and then some, you need to have edge so take your time writing something that grabs the attention of the right people.

What are your tips for getting the most out of Linked In?

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