Module of the Moment - Automated Video Response Technique

Automated Video Response 

There are more jobs than job seekers at the moment so recruiters need to be standing out to candidates, for the right reasons. It’s one thing getting your jobs infront of people using trendy tech and marketing techniques but keeping them on the hook once they have applied is another hurdle all together. This is why candidate engagement is one of the most talked-about subjects in the recruitment space right now. How do you show your candidate that you do things differently? How do you ensure they don’t drop out of the hiring process before you get a chance to place them? 

Your process shouldn’t be a secret

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to just 10% when reading it in a text. A quick video explaining the journey they’ll go on from application to either rejection, interview or placement will take 30 seconds to film. This video explains what working with you will be like in a personal way that candiates can understand and won’t forget. It can then be sent to several applicants. Better yet, it can be mass sent to every applicant. 

Win with video 

Record either a Capture message or Producer video talking about your process and the start to finish journey you take your candidates on. Use your API or CRM to include this video message in an automatic response email to all applicants. For the candidate, it can often seem like they are sending their application into the abyss, particularly when applying to multiple jobs at the same time. With a video response, not only will you stand out in their inbox, but you’ll reassure the applicant that you’re on the case.

Avoid becoming a recruiter horror story

The candidate gets a clearer understanding of what working with you will be like. As well as this, they’re able to put a face to a name. You’ll instantly be starting a relationship with the candidate, whether they’re the right fit or not, for very little time or effort. Plus it assures applicants that they won’t be ghosted. You can avoid adding to the bad preconceptions of recruiters.

If they are right for the job, they will be engaged and likely to put their trust in you to get them the role. If they’re not right for the role, they’ll immediately know your process for that outcome instead of being left wondering. Candidates will remember you and your process when another job comes up that might be a better fit for them. 

Quick implementation, quick results

The Automated Video Response method gets you in front of the top talent before your competition during a time when top talent have so many options. It is the quickest way to stand out from the crowd and it’s very simple to implement.

The AVR method is one of many modules in Odro’s Incredible Connections framework. If you’re interested in finding out more about the Incredible Connections framework and how it applies to your own recruitment process, book a free framework audit today. 

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