Module of the Moment - Document Collection

You’ve got the role. You’ve got the perfect candidate. You’ve placed the candidate into the role. Done? Nope, not yet. Recruiters know all too well that nothing is certain. Until that person is sitting in their new office seat at 9am on their first day, a cup of tea in hand and a smile on their face (and that smile is still there at 5pm), the recruitment process is not complete. But how can we move proceedings along quicker to make sure that moment happens? 

Everyone hates admin

Keep the application process simple and on track throughout. Try to leave no room for uncertainty. Uncertainty due to messy communications can lead to drop-outs. Sending over multiple documents to the hiring manager or client can be a difficult process too. Wouldn't it be easier if you could just send it all over in one neatly organised email with no messy attached files? 

Send it all over in one neatly organised email with no messy attached files

You can! Odro users can use the Solo Interview feature to take the stress out of document collection. Candidates follow a few simple steps, in their own time, and the compliance process can be ticked off by the recruiter. 

“How do I do this?!”

Set up a Solo Interview and send it to the talent. Ask the candidate to confirm their name and any other personal information during the Solo Interview. You will now have video evidence of them confirming who they are. You then request any relevant documents you need to see for them to start the position. The candidate can attach up to five documents, ideal for CVs, cover letter, proof of address etc.  

Easy peasy 

The candidate can complete it whenever suits them from wherever they like. No need to even find a scanner, you can take a picture of the documents. You get it all back in one email ready to upload to your CRM and/or pass on to the hiring manager. 

Incredible Connections

Document Collection is one of many modules in Odro’s Incredible Connections framework. If you’re interested in finding ou more about the Incredible Connections framework and how it applies to your recruitment process, book a free framework audit today. 

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