New Year, New Integration. Odro X Vinny has landed!

The latest integration to go live at camp Odro is a match made in video / CRM heaven! Odro is now truly embedded into the Vincere system, providing recruitment agencies with a slick and seamless integration with video that dramatically increases efficiencies and improves workflows. The integration was designed and developed to save Vinny users time and energy when it comes to their every-day processes and business operations. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it means there’s no more manual entry, no more duplication of work and no need to run a number of tabs when using Vincere in tandem with your video platform.  What’s not to love?!

Here’s what our respective CEOs had to say…

“The vision for the Vincere roadmap in 2021 is: ‘Communicate. Automate. Dominate’. Odro is all about elevating communication between recruiters, candidates and clients, so the timing of the Vincere x Odro integration is ideal. Odro is a weapon of a video platform and we’re delighted that this new integration puts it in the hands of Vincere customers worldwide”.

-Bernie Schiemer, Vincere

While Ryan, Odro CEO, said: “We’re delighted to be going live with this integration so early into the New Year. Our dev team has spent a significant amount of time building out a tailored user experience from the ground up which means anyone using video in tandem with Vincere will benefit from huge efficiency gains, right when they need it most.”

How it Works

Odro now interacts with Vincere’s vacancy and candidate records so that details can be reused without extra effort or duplication. Candidate statuses are updated within Vincere in real-time, as the interviews happen, and we also allow users to import attachments against candidate records back into Odro to share with their clients.

Then, via our shortlisting portal, users can send a link through Vincere to their clients, giving them access to review the video recording, alongside other relevant documentation requested such as CV, cover note, right to work details, all in one place. On top, there are loads of additional features built-in, that have been developed specifically to help recruiters do their job better, that you just don’t get with other tools.

As well as conducting and recording live, two-way interviews with candidates, with Odro at their fingertips, recruiters can also:

  • set up and send candidates pre-recorded first stage interview questions that they can complete in their own time.
  • send their clients a link to a one-click access, co-branded portal where they can review shortlisted candidate videos, along with CVs and all relevant documents in one place.
  • increase engagement rates with prospect candidates by sending personalised video messages to their inboxes in just 30 seconds, again accessible in just one-click.
  • create eye-catching, professionally edited video content quickly and easily, ready to share in a matter of minutes.

The platform also features a powerful analytics tool that gives recruiters real-time insight on their interviews and shortlists, in-built GDPR compliance for candidate consent, a right to work checking facility, and is backed up with a best-in-class training and implementation programme.

When it comes to video interviewing software, there’s no better solution. So, if you’re a Vincere user, get in touch now to harness the power of video from within your CRM and watch your business grow.

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