Odro Highlights 2022

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It’s quickly approaching the end of 2022 and you’re probably either already finished up, frantically trying to close deals or sitting playing with your calculator. As things start to die down, we decided to take a look at some of our 2022 highlights.

A big stat on the back 🙌

Before we get to that, we wanted to thank all of our customers for making every day amazing for us, and we hope we’ve done the same in return for you. So far this year, you’ve spent a LOT of time using Odro (6.5 MILLION minutes have been spent in our Rooms 🤯), and we’ve got the stats to prove it 👇

  • 345,000 Captures created
  • 135,000 Capture viewed
  • 105,000 Captures played
  • 22,000 Producers created
  • 98,000 Solo Interviews completed
  • 147,000 Solo Interviews sent
  • 6,000 Talent Dashboards created

What a year!

Now on to the good stuff!

We asked our lovely team what made their year and in true Odro fashion, it includes some great and wild moments.

Lana, Junior Graphic Designer 

Lana recalls a couple of moments which have made it to the hall of fame. The first was Active Recruiters which was her first big Odro project. Each year we take part in Active Recruiters on Strava to raise money for a charity of the team’s choice. This year it was Andy’s Man Club, a men’s suicide prevention charity, offering free-to-attend support groups across the UK and online.

“I found it really interesting to see how a campaign like this was organised from a marketing perspective and I loved creating graphics for such a great cause.”

Another highlight for her was watching Paolo Nutini performing at TRNSMT from the office. “Everyone was literally hanging out the window greetin”. 

If you’re not from Glasgow, greetin’ = crying.

Paul, Senior Account Manager

Paul seems to enjoy being at one with nature, as his Odro highlight was the Nae Limits Wilderness Challenge we did earlier this year. He said “It really helped build relationships with colleagues that I don’t get to see on a regular basis”. So, if you’re looking for a great team-building experience that’s genuinely fun, check it out!

Ryan, Creative Lead

Keeping it short and sweet (or crunchy?), Ryan really enjoyed watching our Help Desk Team Lead, Charles, struggling to stomach a dried insect we made him eat. 

Legal Disclaimer: This was all in the name of fun, no employees were harmed in the creation of this video >>

Claire, Executive Assistant

As always, our office mum is wholesome AF with her highlight being onboarding all of the new employees and getting to know them. And she’s been busy doing just that. We’ve grown so much this year and will be growing even more in 2023, so if you want to work with us email recruitment@odro.co.uk.

Amanda, Customer Success Director

Amanda’s favourite memory of 2022 was one of our many amazingly daft videos. This video had her and our Head of Customer Success, Vicki, in stitches for ages after seeing Ciara (our SDR Team Lead) trying to explain Irish phrases for St Patrick’s Day 🍀

Susie, Head of Marketing

Susie’s highlight is actually what a lot of people would consider a “lowlight”, but we do love a challenge here! She said “Do you know, oddly enough, I think what I loved most about this year is that it was such a tough one! This year has probably been one of the more challenging in Odro's history, for various reasons. But that has forced us to take a bit of a step back and reassess and through that process, I think we've become much closer. There's more collaboration across teams, more alignment, and more robust processes in place. 2023 is going to be a massive year but I think we're ready to tackle that head-on, in the best shape we've arguably ever been”... There’s always one!

We can guarantee the highlight of your 2023 will be introducing video to your hiring process (if you haven’t already). Book a demo for the best video software for recruiters in the industry below 👇

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