Passive Candidates, Why You Need Them and How To Recruit Them

In a talent-short market, candidates have the power. They’re unlikely to want to go through lengthy application processes when they’re content where they are. There’s also an ever-changing environment to contend with. People are reluctant to leave their job for another opportunity as they don’t want it to be a mistake. On top, the social or economic landscape could shift again, as it has several times in the past few years. However, within this pool of passive candidates, there is gold. And we need the best of the best to build a successful team. 

Why are passive candidates so attractive?

They can be viewed as exclusive candidates to you as they won’t be interviewing, or even looking, for other positions. Meaning you only have to compete with their existing employer instead of the whole market. 

They will be a more exact fit than others because you can target them directly instead of accepting resumes and applications from people who are essentially trying their luck. 

They’ll be more committed to the role after the offer is accepted because they haven’t been willing to accept any old job. They’ll actually care and want to work for you.

So how do we lure these people away from the comfort of their existing roles? 

Aim to create a strong relationship with the person, don’t just treat them as another CV that matches your job specification. We recommend using personalised video messages to cut through the noise. They really add a human touch and receive far better engagement than traditional email and InMail approaches. Try our 15/15 method. It consists of talking about them for 15 seconds and then yourself/what you’re contacting them for 15 seconds. Focus on why the job is a great fit for them specifically and not just anyone. The inclusion of a video lets them see how excited you are about it and puts a face to a name. Not just another faceless approach. 

Employer branding is also super important. As well as advertising your product or service you should also be showcasing your culture. If you show people that your employees are having a positive experience, not only will others want to follow but you won’t be a stranger when you land in their inbox. 

Use your existing staff! Introducing referral schemes will encourage all staff to become recruiters for your team. They’ll have more insight into whether their friends, family or ex-colleagues will be a good fit for the company and role, and if they’re actually very happy where they are. 

Go get the gold

So there you have it. The importance of passive candidates in the current market and how you can get them on your team! 


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