Even when can go back to face-to-face video interviewing isn’t going anywhere. The time and money saved by remote interviewing is too valuable to wave goodbye to! So here are some tips and tricks to make sure you standout and absolutely smash yours!

Set up 

Test that your microphone, speakers and camera are working. Nothing worse than a crackling microphone or sound cutting in and out! Make sure you’ve tested all your tech beforehand so the interview won’t be interupted by technical problems.

Where to look

Look into your camera, rather than at the interviewer or interviewee, this way it’ll appear like you are looking at them. You’ll soon get used to it and the conversation will flow as if face-to-face. 


Check your internet connection, close-down unnecessary programs and web pages and make sure you aren’t downloading, installing or about to run updates. Nothing worse than hearing someone notifications pinging while you’re trying to talk to them! 

Do not disturb 

Ideally, find a place where you feel completely at ease and where you can speak freely and comfortably without fear of interruptions or distractions. Sometimes there’s no avoiding it, we’ve all seen the kids walking in on the Dad while he was on BBC news. But you can try to avoid unwanted guests putting you off. 


Be mindful of your backdrop in terms of what’s in the frame. Consider your position and check your lighting. 


Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you don’t need to look the part. You should dress exactly as you would for an in-person interview. Psychologically, you’ll feel more ready too.

So there you have it, check this 6 things off before you interview and you’ll outshine the competition!

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