Odro Producer™

Our latest innovation, Odro Producer ™, empowers your consultants with their very own video editing suite. With Producer™ at their fingertips they can create eye-catching, professionally edited video content quickly and easily, ready to share in a matter of minutes.


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Putting the power
of great video
in your hands

Be Your Own Producer

Add intros, outros, banners, overlays,
logos, images and more to your videos
quickly and easily. Subtitling is super-fast
and flexible too. Then you can choose to
download your creation to send on to
your clients and candidates, send via link
by email or post it directly to your LinkedIn
feed straight from the platform. Easy!

Simple. Flexible. Slick.

Record a video from within Producer™
on either your desktop or mobile, then
get editing. You can upload existing videos
to give them a Producer™ make-over too.
Plus you can save templates - with your logo,
branding and anything else you need
incorporated - so you don’t have to re-
create your vision every time.

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