Recruiters, don't be a ghost this halloween...


Spooky season is upon us. Candy, decorations, trick or treating, bobbing for apples, is that just a Scottish thing? Egging people’s houses. Again, maybe just a Scottish thing? And… people pretending to be The Witches of Eastwick

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Along with the pandemic that we all know too well, the gnarly coronavirus, the recruitment industry has a new pandemic on its hands. Ghosting. We’re not talking about people showing up to offices wearing a £3 bedsheet from Wilko shouting BOO! Or Paranormal Activity in the break room. We’re talking about candidates (or clients) showing interest in your service then disappearing with no explanation. Texts, phone calls, LinkedIn messages, carrier pigeons; all unanswered. 

I know what you did last summer 

If we admit it, we’re all guilty of dawning that cheap bedsheet at times. Sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose. We’ve been ghosted and we’ve been Casper ourselves. Whether to avoid the awkward conversation that someone’s just not quite the right fit, we leave them to assume they’ve missed out on the role. 

Hocus Pocus... now let’s focus 

How do we be the Exorcist of ghosting? How do we Get Out politely? How do we be The Shining stars of recruitment? We can’t do much about candidates or clients ghosting recruiters, but we can make sure recruiters don’t do it to them since it’s damaging the overall reputation of the industry. 


Put yourself in the candidate’s shoes. You’d want to know not just where you stand but why. Negative feedback can be awkward to deliver but how is the candidate supposed to improve if they don’t know exactly where they went wrong. A recruiter’s role goes beyond filling positions, you should be a career mentor. 

The Silence of the Recruiters 

Like Mike Myers in Halloween, you never quite know when that candidate might reappear. Or a role that’s absolutely perfect for them might appear on your desk. They’re not going to want to work with you if they’ve had a bad experience previously. Even when you’re not making a fee this time, with strong relationship building skills you could be in the future. The candidate could even come back as a potential client, you never know. Stranger Things have happened. 


It’s just not a very nice thing to do, and karma’s a bi…hmm, gonna getcha. That or the clown from IT will get you and either or it’s not going to end well. 

The Odro platform has been designed to make it easier for you to create lasting and meaningful connections at every touch point in the process, both with clients and candidates alike. Not only can we help you forge stronger relationships to improve loyalty and retention, we can also help minimise drop-offs along the way. Get in touch below to find out how. It’s worth it for the puns alone, surely?!

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