Recruitment Trends To Be Ready For In 2023

New Year. Same problems 🎉

Although one can dream, the struggles in the world of recruitment haven’t vanished over the Christmas break - even if the festive drinks made you forget about them for a little while.

Here are a few trends we expect to see in 2023 so you can stay ahead of the curve and be ready for what this year has to bring.

Robots will be taking over 🤖

Getting rusty? Watch out. They’re coming for your jobs… Not really, but the use of artificial intelligence and automation is expected to rise. There’s nothing to be afraid of though, it won’t be like The Terminator or Daleks. This will save companies time and resources by using AI-powered tools to screen applications to identify top candidates.

A shaky economy 📉

The economy’s expected to take a further hit but the job market doesn’t seem to be giving up quite yet. The UK’s unemployment rate is the lowest it’s been in years with more jobs becoming available. This means if one door closes for a candidate, another twenty can open!

Let’s get social 📱

Social sites like LinkedIn have always been a staple in a recruiter's life, and it just keeps growing. A study by the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) showed LinkedIn took 2nd place among the top 50 largest online job advertising firms globally by revenue taking up 24% of the market, defeated only by Indeed. 

The only downside can be competing against thousands of recruiters, so make sure your content is authentic and creative. We’ve seen our clients have great success on LinkedIn using our video content creation tool Producer. Acting as a video editing suite, you can create eye-catching, professionally edited video content, ready to share in a matter of minutes.

The rise of Gen Z 

This will continue to be a major shift in the workforce in all industries with more senior staff retiring with junior roles being filled by Gen Zers. Zoomers are known for their tech-savvy, fast-paced approach to life. Outdated methods are a no-go for them. So if you’re looking to add video recruitment software into your tech stack, the good news is they’re likely to be super comfortable on camera. Thanks TikTok!

Gigs will be big 

The gig economy will be booming with recruiters seeing an increase in candidates seeking flexible, project-based work. There’s opportunity for recruiters to make more placements with short-term contracts and freelance on the rise. This means your candidate pool is going to be more important than ever. Video sales messaging could be your saviour (and your time saver) here. We’re predicting more video being used in the candidate search than ever before.  

Remote is still on the rise 🏝️

The demand for remote work isn’t going anywhere. The never-ending pandemic has pushed many companies to embrace remote work, and employees aren’t complaining. In 2023, we expect to see more companies adopt hybrid or fully remote work models, which will change the way they recruit and onboard new employees. 

So there you have it. These are just some of our predictions for 2023 but in such unpredictable times, we’ll need to stay tuned to see how they play out!

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