21-head Robertson Sumner based in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire, has been using Odro
since September 2018. 18-months on we caught up with Director Calum Lyle to see what impact
the addition of video interviewing has had on their business.

Explaining his motivation for introducing video in the first place, Calum explains: “One of the
main reasons is that we work in sales recruitment. Anyone who works in this area knows that
identifying a successful candidate is very much down to personality, which is hard to see on a
piece of paper. So, I figured video would be a really great way for us to speed up the screening
process. Both for us and for our clients. And it has. It has worked wonders.

“But actually, adding video software to our process has proved to be so much more beneficial
than I’d ever imagined. It genuinely has transformed the way we do business. My personal
favourite in terms of features is Capture. I’ve managed to book meetings with four CEO’s of
multi-billion pound companies by introducing myself with personalised video messages; people
who likely wouldn’t have got back to me otherwise. And that’s just me. The rest of the team
have had some amazing successes too. Having Capture has dramatically increased our
engagement when doing BD.

“Process wise, from there, our team now conducts first stage interviews using the platform on
behalf of our clients. We mostly do two-way, live interviews but do find solos handy for time
strapped candidates too. The team really loves the shortlisting capabilities for retained roles as
well. By the time the client gets the shortlist from us, it’s a case of carrying out just one face to
face interview as most of the leg work has already been done for them. Odro has massively
reduced the sales cycle for our customers who were typically doing two, sometimes three face
to face interviews before we had video within the process.”

Financial Gain
So, the benefits of Odro for clients is clear. But how has this helped Robertson Sumner? Calum
continues: “Having Odro has been a major differentiator for us. We’ve definitely secured more business as a result. Our retained service has grown from a 12% share in 2018 to 28% in 2019.
That’s a £400,000 shift! More than half of which is directly down to Odro. In terms of ROI, we
had actually covered our investment in the platform for two full years within the first three
months of use! That was well beyond even my own expectations, which were already high. I
doubt there are many tech products out there that could boast the same.

“The thing is, once a client sees Odro, it’s very difficult for them to say no to a retainer. They’re
essentially getting a much better service for the same cost. I’ve found it relatively easy to get
clients over the line from contingent to retained using Odro’s productisation methodology. “We
all know that there are always going to be some clients that are too stuck in their ways to
change their model internally, that’s just the way the market is. It’s not an Odro objection, just a
retained objection. But I think that’s becoming an issue less and less as the market evolves for
the better. But even taking that into consideration, the results we’ve seen have been amazing.
In terms of proving the concept, every single business that has given us the green light to trial
video on a retained basis, has never looked back. And the reason is simple; it’s because they
recognise the added value really quickly.

“The result we had with Jabra is the perfect example of that. Their MD, Nigel Dunn, was looking
to hire a Corporate Sales Director. At the time we were in touch, the position had been vacant
for a number of weeks and they were working with a small number of recruitment partners on a
contingent basis. The issue was, as it often is, they didn’t have the time to screen the candidates
they were being sent over. On top, they had the added pressure of having no internal
recruitment function located within the UK. So, armed with video, we were able to become that
for them.

“We had the hire in place within eight weeks and our relationship with them has grown from
strength to strength ever since. Jabra now uses Robertson Sumner as their sole supplier for all
UK&I based sales and marketing hires. We’ve hired 12 candidates since, from Inside Sales to
Director level positions, all of whom are still with the business. I mean, that’s a great result for
us. And Odro was the differentiator. It’s what stood us apart from the others from the outset in
terms of getting our foot in the door and it’s what got us the continued commitment thereafter,
as they loved the service provided.

“We also brought on various customers last year – who’ve spent over £50k each – by taking
them through our newly adopted Odro lifecycle. It now a case of ‘Capture, video interview,
shortlist, closure.’ It works, what else can I say? I can’t praise Odro highly enough.

“The team are brilliant too – everyone I’ve ever spoken to at Odro has been really helpful. I would highly recommend it to anyone in recruitment, for sales roles or otherwise. It’s a game-

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