Video Shortlists

By sending your client a one-click, co-branded portal with your candidate videos and CVs in one place, you are immediately offering a smoother service than your competitors. Our Video Shortlists also offer you advanced heat-maps on viewing habits, view counts AND the ability to gather feedback via our comment function.

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Easily Attach Documents

Easily upload and attach each candidate's supporting documents such as identification, qualifications or CV.

Comment Feature

Recruiters and hiring managers can all review and communicate with each other using the shortlist comment feature.

Co-Brand With Your Client's Logo!

Co-brand the shortlist page (see video) with your's and your client's logo to give a greater level or personalisation and importance to the page for both the candidate and client.

Powerful Analytics

Gain powerful and intelligent analytics on each of the candidates within the shortlist. Use this information to support and encourage clients. See our 'Intelligent Analytics' feature page for more information.

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