With a mission to be at the forefront of rec tech, forward thinking start-up Coltech has attributed growth success to video interviewing, with over £100k written in just one month.

Coltech was formed in Chelmsford in February 2019 by co-founders Patrick Waites and Matthew Gilson whose vision was to provide clients and candidates with a high quality, low stress service. Less than 12 months in, the pair have already expanded with office spaces in London and New York and headcount quadrupled to eight in order to cope with the increased demand for their customer-centric service.  As one of our most recent customers, with go live in October, we caught up with Patrick a month on to see how he was getting on and to understand the impact video has had on his business.

A Key Differentiator

With over 40,000 agencies registered in the UK, carving a place in the market as a start-up is no mean feat. But with ambitious growth plans, Patrick knew he had to find a way to stand out from his competition. He says: “As a new agency entering the market, we knew we had to find a way to differentiate ourselves. From the outset Matt and I agreed that we wanted to be at the forefront of rec tech, making sure we’re offering clients as much value as we can.

“With that philosophy underpinning our strategy, the idea of adding video interviews to our offering was a no brainer. We had a look at a couple of options available on the market and fairly quickly identified that Odro was the best by far. Compared with other platforms we looked at, theirs offers unparalleled ease of use and lots of additional functionality that other systems just don’t have. Partnering with them was an easy decision.”

A Game Changer

As a relatively new software in the market – at least in its current and more advanced form – it’s fair to say that video hasn’t yet become common place for candidates or clients. As with all new tech – no matter how valuable the product – there’s always a bit of an education piece to be done. Video interviewing software presents the industry with a new way of doing things and, taking the merits and benefits of the solution aside, this in itself is a barrier to adoption for a lot of agencies.

There’s still a miss-conception amongst some that candidates won’t want to complete an interview over video, or that clients won’t respond well to the change. But in practice, for the forward-thinking agencies that are already ahead of the game, the opposite is true. Patrick comments on his experience: “Admittedly, I was a little worried that adoption might be an issue we’d have to overcome. But I couldn’t have been more wrong. The uptake from candidates and clients has been brilliant. We’ve added it as part of our process on both sides to separate ourselves in a tight market and it’s been a real game-changer for us.

“Our plan for the business was to save clients and candidates time and money during the recruitment process and video has allowed us to do exactly that. Candidates love that they can really get across their experience which can sometimes be missed on a CV. And clients love it for the same reason, along with the fact that they can do interviews anywhere, with access to the platform in just one click, which saves them so much time.”

A Better Way

Odro was developed to change the recruitment process for the better, giving everyone involved in the process back the two things they value most; time and money. Patrick explains how this his worked for his business: “Having video adds value to our clients in so many ways but the main way it has helped us is the speed at which placements can be made. Since we started fully using Odro last month we’ve written 10 deals as a direct result of using the software.  ™

 “Having candidates complete solo interviews through the platform has literally cut the process in half. Most of our deals on contract now come directly from solos. Clients love it as it saves them a huge amount of time. And with time savings comes cost savings and much reduced placement delays.”

Unprecedented Growth

So, there’s little doubt that Patrick and Matt have managed to make video a success for their business. But what has this meant for their bottom line? Patrick says: “The decision to adopt Odro has brought us loads of success already. We saw the value of the product really quickly so we made a strategic decision to implement it in everything we do. We pushed it hard throughout the business and the results have been nothing short of amazing! All our clients are using the platform to conduct interviews and our consultants are using the Capture feature for business development, which has also really helped us to stand out from the crowd.

“In terms of tangible results, we secured nine clients meetings using captures in the last month and, as I mentioned earlier, we’ve written 10 deals from solo interviews, again within a four-week period. That’s over £100k of business to us which, as a start-up, has given us the opportunity to grow much quicker than we ever thought was possible.”

Win Win

When asked if he would recommend Odro, Patrick said “Without a doubt. If I was asked to rate the solution, I’d give it 10 out of 10. Odro has really helped our business separate ourselves from the pack. We’ve embedded it in everything we do and are looking forward to a long and successful partnership moving forward.

“The implementation was straight forward and the team at Odro have been fantastic from start to finish. They’re always on had to offer support when needed. And with this, adoption across the business has been brilliant. Plus, because we’re seeing results from the get go our consultants are really, really bought in. Plus, our clients are loving it too – it’s win win.”

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