Stats to Help You Hire Better

The best recruiters love research and data - or at least pretend to love research and data. For the latter, we’ve compiled some of the key statistics you should know about the industry and candidates for you to keep in mind for future hires. 

Understanding how candidates navigate the job market, what they prioritise, and their mindset can give you an edge over the competition. So let’s have a look at some recent stats you should know!👇

The time to fill new positions takes an average of 42 days.
LinkedIn says the best candidates are off the market in 10 days, so if you want to speed up your hiring process, we have three incredible tools that can help you. More on that below! 

73% of job seekers find the process stressful.
Job hunting is an emotional rollercoaster but keep the process as clear and transparent as you can and you’re on to a winner! 

A huge 83% of candidates prefer a clear timeline.
It’s great to determine the timeline and number of interviews/tasks clear at the beginning. Getting this information from your hiring manager ahead of time can weed out candidates who are more likely to drop off along the way and make them feel more secure in the process.

Nearly 90% of applicants discover job openings through social media.
Social platforms aren't just for memes and cat videos; they're treasure maps to potential candidates. We have clients who have shared videos on social media that get on average thousands more views and better engagement!

84% of recruiters prioritise culture fit.
Skills are important but attitude and culture alignment can seal the deal.

Brand reputation is vital for 86% of women and 67% of men.
It’s not just your client’s reputation you need to worry about. Your agency needs to show value to the candidates. Focus on this with your social platforms, testimonials, and reviews. We can help you with that too!

44% of recruiters emphasise remote work options.
Embrace remote work—it's the golden ticket to a broader talent pool. If the job isn’t remote or hybrid, expect a downsize of interested candidates.

An incredible 69% of new hires stick around for 3 years after a positive onboarding experience.
Smooth onboarding is the magic potion for employee retention.

New hires are twice as likely to seek new opportunities after a poor onboarding experience.
A poor start can lead to a quick exit. This counts the interview process too. If your interview process isn’t smooth, what would it be like when they start the role?

Money talks – 40% of job seekers leave for better pay elsewhere.
Of course, money talks! But there is no point in putting candidates ahead for a job where the salary is below their range. Even if you’re trying to fill the job fast and think it could be a great match, many people aren’t willing to take a drop in salary and it’s a waste of valuable time.

Streamline your hiring cycle and shorten it by 60% with an optimised recruitment process.
You don’t need us to tell you, that’s your jam. It just so happens to be ours too! 

Women apply to 20% fewer jobs than men.
A great way to encourage women to apply is by focusing on must-have requirements over nice-to-haves. 

46% of employers now accept gaps in employment.
Employment gaps are no longer deal-breakers; they're part of the evolving job landscape. So even if you’re concerned about a gap in a candidate's CV, it might not be a deal-breaker for your client. Just be transparent with them and find out all the information to back it up.

University degrees rank 8th in importance when interviewing candidates.
Interview presence steals the spotlight. Make sure you show your candidates in the best light with our asynchronous interview tool, Solo Interviews, or our candidate submissions portal, Hiredeck!

By carefully evaluating your hiring strategies and aligning with what candidates truly desire—clarity, competitive compensation, diversity, remote work, and a stellar reputation—you can craft an unforgettable experience and stand out in the quest for top talent.  

To help you, we’ve built three tools that recruiters swear by to help you stand out to both candidates and clients alike, so whatever challenge you’re facing, Odro can help!

  • Hiredeck: A slick candidate submission portal built within Bullhorn that pulls through all your data and automatically populates in one click. 
  • Capture: A multi-award-winning video messaging tool that personalises outreach and increases engagement and response rates.
  • Vision: An end-to-end video interviewing solution giving you greater control of the recruitment process. Made up of Solo or two-way interviews, video shortlisting tool and analytics, it helps dramatically increase your job to placement ratio.
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