Taylor Swift Songs As Recruitment Scenarios

The biggest cause of arguments in our office is usually “who has the iPad”? You see, whoever has the iPad is in charge of the music playing in the office and if it’s with Megs or Jo (me, hi 👋), you can guarantee it’s Taylor Swift playing. Is Taylor Swift related to recruitment? Taylor Swift is related to everything in our eyes. So we’ve made this up just to use as an excuse to tell you we’re going to the Eras tour this weekend 🎉

Blog over.

Just kidding. It did get us thinking though. There are so many lyrics or song titles that really reflect the everyday struggles (and successes) of being a recruiter. 

Reaching out to a cold prospect - “This is me trying”

Will they get back to you? Maybe in your “Wildest Dreams”. 

Ignored messages - “All Too Well”

You’ve crafted the perfect message only to hear “Sweet Nothing” back. It’s a feeling recruiters know “All Too Well” and now you’re “Down Bad” crying at the gym.

No shows for interviews - “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?”

Ghosting is common in recruitment - we’re constantly “Haunted”. It’s easy to take it to heart and for them to be just another “Picture to Burn”.

Finding the perfect candidate - “You Belong With Me”

We’re just over here dreaming about the day that they wake up and find that what they’re looking for has been here the whole time! Reach out in “Style” with our video sales messaging tool Capture and let them know you’re “Enchanted” to meet them and that they could be “The 1”.

When someone tries to steal your candidate - “Bad Blood”

The ultimate betrayal. Not much of an explanation needed for this one.

When your client tries to low-ball the offer - “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”

A candidate comes in looking for £50k and they decide to go in at £35k. Your response might be something like “You’re On Your Own Kid”. A quick way to have a candidate say goodbye!

Waiting for a candidate to show up to their first day - “Out Of The Woods”

The only people more nervous than candidates on their first day of work are the recruiters who placed them. It keeps you thinking “Are we in the clear yet”?

Lastly, an added bonus. We’ve all had those Thursday night drinks after work which leaves you feeling a little “Delicate” the next day.  And it’s definitely how we’ll be feeling after the gig…

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