Ten Crazy Work Christmas Night Out Confessions

Scrolling through TikTok the other day, I came across the same recurring trend where it showed pictures of people and how they are with different types of alcohol, then when it gets to the “work night out drunk”, they’re in a sorry state. And we’ve all been there at some point. 

What is it about work events that makes you have more fear the next day than when you’re out with friends? 

Well, I’m proud to report that I survived the work party without embarrassing myself (or the company) but I can’t say the same for these poor unfortunate souls who *disclaimer* don’t work at Odro.

Confession 1:I called the CEO of our company ‘The Grinch’, ‘Scrooge’ and the ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ (to his face) apparently for no reason whatsoever.”

Confession 2:I’m pretty sure I gave my co-workers food poisoning, but let someone else take the blame.”

Confession 3: “No idea what happened, but I woke up on a train in Edinburgh (from Birmingham).”

Confession 4: “The queues were too long for the toilet so I went outside to wee behind a wall. Bumped into my boss doing the exact same thing”.

Confession 5:I stole my boss’s desk plant and still have it. I’ve never had the guts to return it. He’s sent angry emails about it and everything”.

Confession 6: “I called myself an ambulance because I was too drunk”.

Confession 7: “I tried to be really cool and do that ‘pulling the tablecloth’ trick. I completely failed and smashed everything and the red wine went everywhere”.

Confession 8: “I got wasted and performed Lord of the Dance”.

Confession 9: “My colleague tricked me into thinking it was a fancy dress party. I showed up to a black tie event dressed as a Christmas pudding.”

Confession 10: “I quit my job and didn’t realise and returned to work on the Monday”.

Would you return to work after any of these scenarios? 🙈 This might be why so many people look for new jobs at this time of year... The good news is that you might have a better chance of a response! 

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