The Adecco Group UK and Ireland Announces Partnership with Odro

The Adecco Group UK and Ireland has signed a contract to roll out Odro’s video interviewing software across seven of its leading recruitment agency brands. 

The partnership with the Adecco Group, the world’s leading HR solutions provider, cements Odro’s position as the UK’s leading supplier of video interviewing tech to the recruitment sector.  The company’s decision to tailor its innovative solution exclusively to agencies, rather than to the wider staffing market, has meant it has been able to help redefine the recruitment process for agencies on a digital level. 

Commenting on the partnership Odro’s CEO, Ryan McCabe, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with the Adecco Group UK and Ireland. They’re one of the world’s most successful companies, operating some of the best-known and most thriving recruitment brands in the market. 

“We first met with them back in November 2017 and are now thrilled to have secured their commitment. The deal marks a fantastic end to what has been an amazing year for us and we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership, which will drive growth for us both.”

Executive director at Badenoch + Clark, part of the Adecco Group UK and Ireland, Scott Miller, said: “We’re really pleased to be partnering with Odro. As one of the best video technology companies for recruitment agencies, their digital platform is the perfect solution for winning business and streamlining processes. The recruitment market is continually evolving, so it’s really important that we continue to attract the best possible talent with easy to use interviewing technologies, and that’s where Odro comes in.”

Recruitment Revolution

If we think back to the days of job vacancies listed in newspapers, the impact technology has had on recruitment is plain to see. From online job boards to the rise of LinkedIn, tech has changed the industry forever. And while video has had a large part to play in the recruitment revolution, it’s fair to say it remains a relatively new kid on the block, at least in its current, more advanced form. 

Ryan said: “For us it’s really exciting to see how the industry is evolving. When we first started out five years ago, video interviewing was a relatively niche technology. But given the merits of the software, which benefits everyone involved in the process – recruiters, their clients and the candidates - it was only a matter of time before the solution caught the attention of leading players in the recruitment industry, like the Adecco Group.” 

“Unlike most other video interviewing platforms out there, Odro was designed specifically to meet the needs of recruiters. It was developed to innovate; to drive improvement in the hiring process and to accelerate growth for our clients. And we’re extremely proud to be at the forefront of what I feel is a real turning point in the industry.”

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