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If we have said it once, we have said it a hundred times but from day dot, video conferencing’s biggest seller has been the fact it saves money by reducing the amount of cross country and international trips required within a company.  Sometimes though, this is just not enough, people like to meet face to face, sometimes they have to collaborate which before couldn’t always happen with video conferencing alone but as we watch video evolving, the need for face to face is reducing more and more with every passing year as software’s update and functionality makes a video meeting pretty much the same as actual face to face.

In the past, the biggest pro video selling point was the financial savings that companies would see by cutting the number of business trips every year. However, corporates in particular continued to prefer face-to-face meetings and this, combined with the fact that few companies had the technical and technological capabilities to participate in a video conference, meant that video conferencing was limited to being an internal form of communication amongst the ‘elite’ companies who had the technology readily available.

As the years tick by, the constant stream of new technology that continues to evolve and expand and the technology industry has been shaken to the very core.  Software is not just a ‘computer thing’ but rather, a service, and one that offers so much flexibility for so many businesses.  No longer a scary IT only thing, software in general, not just video, makes life easier and cheaper, particularly for small businesses.

For example, video conferencing is no longer an expensive, out of reach service.  You don’t need to invest heavily in all sorts of different hardware.  Most laptops have cameras inbuilt that are a decent quality so all you really need is a good internet connection and you are well on your way to having a really good video meeting, reasonably issue free.

So as the years go on, business and the market are floating further and further a way from the hardware only options for video conferencing and instead going for inbuilt webcams that are high quality with a variety of functions and the same for microphones and speakers meaning they can use a cloud based software from their computer with the need to use a video conferencing room that is all bells and whistles.  We just don’t need that facility anymore and video conferencing is a very feasible option for companies of all sizes and statures.  Not just for those suits and corporates with the corner office.

And so how has it evolved, from clunky hardware to sleek software and what is the most powerful tool in the evolvement? User adoption!  As more and more users become acquainted with a piece of technology, them ore it gets used, the more It gets embraced and the more normal it is.  And in true technological style, once we get comfortable, it’s time to shake it up and so we have to then get used to the next big thing.  But people always do.  So we say see ya later to the niche VC market and welcome everyone to video technology.

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