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Suddenly it’s 2016 and this year is going to be big for your business – can you feel it?

Technology stops for no one and the pace is only going to quicken in 2016 so it’s important that we all have the apps, cheats and knowledge to ensure that we stay ahead of the game.

Odro Vision is a game changer, we think (more on this later) but we wanted to also take a look at the other apps that can help to supercharge your business in 2016.

Collaboration – always important – is at the epicentre of all the best apps this year.

So, in no particular order, here they are.

Google Slides

Slide in with Google

Google Slides allows multiple users to work on a project at the same time (collaboration, see) from anywhere. So this one isn’t exactly a secret but it’s intuitive and, well, no fuss. There’s a ton of slide project apps out there but you have to hand it to Google for keeping it simple yet effective.

Google built this app with collaboration in mind. Oi, are you still using PowerPoint?

Pause app

Pause for thought

Bet you didn’t think we’d be talking about a “relaxation and meditation experience” on the Odro blog but, hey, we don’t do “normal”.

Pause bills its app as exactly that and, actually, it’s pretty awesome. We all work longer hours than ever before and sometimes it feels like you might be chained to your smartphone. Built by ustwo, it’s designed to calm our brains from the always-on way we all seem to live.

It does this simply by getting the user to follow instructions to calm them down – there’s a lot of following a blob. Okay, so this all sounds a bit nuts but give it a go.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 22.19.01

The game changers

Shameless plug for Odro Vision here. As we charge on into the future there’s one part of our high-tech professional lives that’s still stuck in the past – online meetings (or video conferencing as our dads called them).

Why do we expect instant connections in almost all other media but not online meetings? We thought that was rubbish. So we built Odro Vision. It’s so simple and we think it’s awesome. HD online meetings with no signups, no downloads and no waiting. One click and you’re in. Share, collaborate with up to 30 other people instantly.

It also helps to match you with professionals that you may be able to collaborate with or learn from.

Interested? Book a demo here.


No slacking

Who hasn’t heard of Slack now? It’s a mega tech success story and with good reason –  it’s just so damn easy to use. Once again, collaboration is key with this one and we love it. The company’s slogan is, “be less busy” and it sees itself as a messaging app for teams who are changing the world. It just so happens that we use it, so that description sounds accurate to us.

Not used it? Try it.

XE app

Money talks

If you deal in international markets then you’ll know all about XE. It’s been the digital currency conversion staple for years and now it’s as slick as you would expect from a firm of its size.

Access lightning quick live exchange rates and view historical charts easily. There’s a comprehensive enough list of functions that you could forget it still converts currencies.

 What’s your must-have app for 2016? Tell us!

Interested in learning how Odro Vision could help your business in 2016? Get in touch here.

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