The Good Recruiter & The Swiss Army Knife

Making the working world a better place

Once upon a time there was a group of people called recruiters. Recruiters were hard-working, competitive people. But overall, they just generally wanted to make the working world a better place for everyone. The Good Recruiter dreamed of a time where employers could get the candidates they want and candidates could get their dream job. For a small fee, of course, good recruiters believed they could make this happen.

Jordan Belfort is not a good role model

However, there were some bad recruiters. The Bad Recruiter watched The Wolf of Wall Street too many times and only wanted the fees. They no longer cared about the task at hand. Unfortunately, these bad apples ended up giving employers and top talent a bad impression of recruiters all together! And soon job boards were filled with roles stating “No recruitment agencies please!” Candidates soon started leaving recruiters on read.


For years good recruitment agencies had built relationships with candidates and employers and now they were being told they were no longer needed? You wouldn’t say you need a new bathroom but request no plumbers, would you? I’m sure your average Joe could take a stab at it but it would be nowhere near as good a job. Employers started to think all recruiters were just out to get their money and that they could do the job perfectly well themselves. Spoiler alert: they could not.

Along came Odro

One day The Good Recruiter came across a powerful swiss army knife called Odro. Odro was designed to help good recruiters use video technology in recruitment to slay the bad recruiters and change everyone’s perception of them! The swiss army knife, Odro, had a video content creation tool, a sales engagement tool and video interviewing tools! And the good recruiters were eventually able to slay in their field again.

Happy clients, happy candidates

The Good Recruiter was able to offer tech solutions to employers that make their hiring process faster and easier in exchange for the promise the employer will only work with them and not with The Bad Recruiter! Candidates got a more personalised experience thanks to video messaging and content, and also started to work exclusively with The Good Recruiter.

They all lived happily ever after

Recruiters remembered that they are the experts in the field and they can make the working world a better place! And as for The Bad Recruiter… well he’ll be needing The Good Recruiter’s help.

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