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Meetings should be an effective way to help make informed decisions about the company’s future plans/goals and update the team on what’s happening.

But that’s not what happens at many, many meetings. You know this.

Too many companies get it all wrong. To turn your mediocre meetings into miracle meetings, acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them.

Mr/Mrs forgetful

We all forget things but there are ways to avoid it happening – planning and checking.

Before the meeting takes place, a generic email should be sent around to staff that are required for the meeting stating clearly the exact time, date and location. If you’re using Odro Vision, this is easy.

Set up reminders!


One reason why some meetings last forever, resulting in concentration levels running low, is poor organisation.

Whoever is in charge of organising the meeting should have several things accounted for when planning, some of these are as follows:

Location – If the meeting is out of the office ensure that you have checked out the location before the actual day.
Attendees – Meetings shouldn’t consist of the whole staff, only those who are essential.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon came up with a brilliant solution to know how many is too many. His idea was the Two Pizza Rule meaning that if two pizzas couldn’t feed all the people in the meeting, then there are too many people.

Agenda – You are holding a meeting for a reason, so instead of keeping the pointers to yourself, write out a clear agenda.
The agenda should have a clear list of all the content to be discussed with set time limits to ensure that you don’t waste time going off on a tangent.

This will also ensure that the most important issues don’t get left till the last minute and briefly touched on.

Timing is everything

Arguable the worst thing you can do at a meeting is turn up late. Staff have taken precious time from their busy schedules to discuss issues.

The last thing they want is to wait for you – wasting more of their time. Shockingly 37% of meetings start late because team members don’t show up on time.

Instead of being seen as rude by your team mates, turn up early and help the proceedings start on time.

During and after

Whilst you are in a meeting don’t forget that you are part of the team – interact and make comments to show that you are engaged. It is always good to challenge ideas to come up with the best solution but do not make it personal. It’s the ideas you are challenging – not the person.

Make sure you take plenty of notes too, to ensure that you can follow up after a meeting.

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