Top 3 Challenges Facing Recruiters in 2020

Solved with Odro Video Interview Software... 

Ghosting. Not the Casper kind, and not the Tinder kind. We’re talking that candidate-gone-cold kind. You found the perfect match and to your delight they wanted to hear more! You dreamed of them signing the dotted the line, your happy client patting your back and the trip you were going to take with the commission. And then…emails unanswered, phone calls snubbed and carrier pigeons turned away.

With Odro Capture you can record personalised HD video messages to your potential candidates (and clients) in just 30 seconds. Average figures show that you are 4.5x more likely to get engagement from sending a Capture compared to anything else. So, what you waiting for? Slide into those DMs with a personalised video now!

Not enough hours in the day. You’re busy, your clients are busy, and candidates are busy. A mixture of working harder to make ends meet and that dreaded FOMO has got us all looking for time savers. You simply do not have enough time to review every application, but run the risk of missing that golden nugget if you don’t. Solo Interviews allow the candidate to record the interview in their own time and the recruiter to view when best suits. You can decide in seconds if the candidate is right or fast forward to the most important questions (and your client can do the same).

By sending your client a one-click, co-branded portal with your short-listed candidate videos and CVs in one place, you are immediately offering a smoother service than your competitors. Smooth service, time saved. With Intelligent Analytics, powerful, in-depth analytics allow you to gain real time insight on the solo interviews. View advanced heat-maps on viewing habits, view counts and gather feedback via the comment function. Gain insight to what candidate your client is viewing the most and gain key information of what part of the interview they like most. Get feedback to candidates quickly and keep them engaged. Also gain further insight into what your client views as the most important assets and traits in candidates and know what to look out for next time!

Catering to Millennials and Gen Z. Baby boomers are beginning to retire and reports predict by 2025 Millennials will make up roughly 75% of the world’s workforce, it’s time to change how you recruit to suit.

With the rise in travel and eagerness to work abroad, video software casts the net wider and allows for candidates to interview from further afield. In fact, one of our clients who recently recruited from Australia, said:

“Access to a video interview by simply clicking on one link. Client was extremely happy to do this as they were very keen on the candidate. Overall, client was very pleased, she made an offer almost straight away and it sped up her time to recruit massively. Candidate was obviously ecstatic, especially because he didn’t have to come to Glasgow for an interview…“.

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