Top Tips for Candidates, How To Get the Most Out of a Recruiter

We all know recruiters often get a bad reputation, Wolf of Wall Street wannabes that only care about money. They'll disappear if they think you can't help line their pockets. But could it be because candidates don’t actually understand what a recruiter’s role is? 

The perception that recruiters are only out for money is out-dated and was always the result of a few bad eggs giving the whole industry a bad name. Recruiters want to get you a role. They’re here to help. However, a few external factors have made it increasingly difficult for recruiters to give candidates exceptional service. 

So, we’ve collated some top tips for getting the most out of your recruiter. Which will hopefully lead to you landing perfect role.  

Read the job advert

The introduction of one click apply has been detrimental to recruiters' application process. Because candidates can easily apply, they can skim read the job description and click to submit their CV, even if they’re not qualified or the right fit. This has flooded recruiters inboxes with applications, some suitable and some not. Overflowing inboxes are time consuming. 

An influx of talent should be a good thing. But, when getting in contact with applicants recruiters are often met with - “I have applied for so many different types of jobs, what job is this? I don’t remember this one”. Hours of work goes into creating roles and mapping out the requirements. For recruiters to thrive, their time has to be respected by candidates. 

Narrow your search and focus on it

Write out what you’re good at and what you like doing. Create your dream job description. Then search for roles that include these things! You could be missing out on a whole new career because you hadn’t realised it was a good fit for you. 

Do your research

Content, content, content. If you know the name of the company, go on their website before applying. If the company is being kept anonymous by the recruitment agency, then you should still be able to find videos and articles around the job title. This will help you decide whether you do or don’t want to do the role. Doing this before you hit apply will save everyone’s time. Do your due diligence and only apply for the roles that you genuinely want to do. 

Recruiters, you do need them

Establishing a relationship with a good recruiter is one of the best things you can do for your career. You never know where you may come across that recruiter or hiring manager in the future. Find a good recruiter who uses the latest recruitment technology to their advantage.  It could be to get another position or you may need their services to build a team yourself.

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