Top Tips for Sending Captures During Lockdown

When it comes to BD, sending personalised HD video messages straight to your clients’ and candidates’ inbox has proven to dramatically improve engagement rates versus the old-school cold calling and email intros. However, as with most things, Covid has changed the way we look at things. So, we have to change the way we do things as a result. Sending Captures is still an excellent way to keep in-touch with your network, letting people know you’re there if they need you. Here are some top tips on how to change up your approach.  

Forget the sales messages!

The best way to approach sending Captures now is NOT to come across as though you have an agenda. Instead it’s just a message to reach out and check-in, letting your contacts know that you’re there for them if they need you. Yes, this may come across as a bit fluffy but it’s much better than appearing to be actively trying to sell at a time like this. It’s all about service and empathy at the moment. Not so much forget sales messages, just make it video sales messages

Personalisation is still key

In fact, it’s even more important now to show that you’re actually interested in things they have posted and / or liked. So, do a bit of research first. The perceived effort you have gone to before reaching out is even more crucial now. Getting the personalisation right will make a big difference to your response rates. Plus, remember to talk about them first, before you go on to introduce yourself. Contrary to McFly’s belief, it’s not all about you. 

Get rid of the usual call to action

Having a CTA is usually rule number one for sending successful Captures, advising the receiver when you’re going to follow up and not just firing out message after message and crossing your fingers for a response. But at a time like this, it just isn’t practical. Instead, leave the ball in their court. The message you want to convey is simply that you’re available if they do want to reach out and chat but that it’s okay if they don’t. 

Screen recording

Another way to do a Capture a little bit differently is to record the entire screen instead of just the camera view. This allows you to be on the recipient’s LinkedIn page, scrolling through their post, updates and / or experience as you’re recording yourself. It doesn’t need to be their LinkedIn page either, it could be a blog that they’ve written, a job they have advertised or post on their website talking about new business. Now’s the time to get creative.  

A smooth finish 

With our newly released keyboard shortcuts you can now stop your videos without having to use your mouse or keypad. We now have keyboard shortcuts for re-starting your videos with ease and for ending them more seamlessly. Use Esc to restart and use the space when you’re done. So, while you’re shooting your video, have your finger poised over the space bar for a more professional, clean ending

Reply promptly

Make sure your notifications are on!  This is the best way to manage Captures as you can keep tabs on who’s watching your videos in real-time. Which then means you can respond in double-quick time too. Conversation started!

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