Value Added Selling: Why Should Hiring Managers Choose You?

Our latest blog post focussed on value-added selling and prioritising both you and your clients needs, but you didn’t think we were done on the topic, did you? Focussing on your value-add in sales pitches is the way forward and our CEO, Ryan, recently hosted a webinar sharing his tips on how to achieve better results with this selling strategy.

In this post, we’ll be focussing on why your clients should choose you and tips on how to make them feel important and fill them with confidence that you are the one for them. 

Why should they choose YOU?

When Ryan used to do training with our clients, a favourite game of his was “USP Bingo”. He would go around the room and ask recruiters to tell why he should choose them if he was a potential client. 

  • “I’ve been doing this for 10+ years”
  • “We have a huge candidate database”
  • “I actually have candidates here for the role”
  • “You don’t need to pay us unless you think the candidate is worth hiring”
  • “We’re a partner not a supplier”
  • “We’re a niche market specialist”

If you’re nodding along like “yep, that’s what I’d say” then prepare to be humbled (sorry!). This is what clients hear all the time so you’re just making it more difficult to stand out. They might all be true and valid points, but that doesn’t matter to your client. You need to give them a genuine differentiator.

Show off your tech stack if it solves their problem

Don’t just tell them about how you’re different, show them if you can. Bring something up on the screen to show them how you hire that might be different from the rest. If you use Hiredeck or Talent Dashboards, show them that this is how you will shortlist your candidates. Did you get the meeting off the back of a Capture message you sent them? Tell them this is how you reach out to candidates. If you’re not an Odro customer but have other technology available, show that off, but remember it’s not too late to become an Odro customer 😜But back to the tips for now…

Don’t be vague! What do you do around interview preparation? What’s your time to fill? Be specific and bring the proof if you really want to impress them.

Make them FEEL special!

It goes without saying that sending a Dear [Name] message isn’t going to do the trick. The market is quiet just now with less jobs available so you have time to do your research. Make sure your outreach is personable and personalised. Use your agency logo on correspondence to make it look extra snazzy, use information that you’ve learned about them so they know it isn’t just a generic call or message, and always make sure you disco before delivery 🕺

If you tick all of these boxes and are still unsure of what you can do to help, ask them! Their voice is underrated and invaluable and gives you a much higher chance of getting the job done better and be their go-to recruiter!

You can watch Ryan’s “Stop Selling Your Solution. Sell Your Value” webinar here >> This covers all the points discussed with an extra Q+A session at the end!

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