Virtual hiring is here to stay (and it's not just us saying it)

Okay, obviously we’re going to scream and shout about how video hiring is still going to be around post “freedom day” and the return to our offices. We’re video recruitment tech. We want you to use video for very obvious reasons, ie. we need to pay for the staff Christmas party somehow. 

We could tell you all day about how video software for recruiters was increasing in popularity pre-pandemic. Savvy recruitment agencies were reaping the benefits of fewer travelling costs and heaps of commute time saved long before the world started the day on virtual team meetings. 

We’ve been saying video interviewing makes clients’, consultants’ and candidates’ lives easier since we launched Odro in 2015. Much like the man who screamed, “Iceberg, dead ahead!” Now, we’re not saying we knew the pandemic was coming, we’re good but we’re not that good. But, we did know a change was coming in how we hire and apply for jobs, nasty virus or not. You could say, we were trailblazers in virtual recruitment. Okay, I will say it. We were trailblazers! 

Obnoxiousness to the side for a mo, and we’ll let someone else who’s not getting paid to promote video tell you too. Research from Indeed shows that in the post-lockdown world employers and candidates still say they prefer virtual recruitment. 

49% of employers say it makes it easier to schedule interviews. When your candidate doesn’t have to make excuses to leave their current role for an interview because they can do it virtually at lunch, or even on their own time with solo interviews, diary management becomes a lot easier and time to hire is reduced. 

More than a third of employers said virtual hiring speeds up recruitment. A video interview along with a cv send to your clients allows you to skip a whole stage in the interview process. Your clients get a feel for the candidate and how they would fit in before they’ve even met them! Something a CV and cover letter just can’t quite do. 

And it’s not just those on the employer side who prefer the virtual process. One-third of candidates found virtual interviews speed up the process, and 31% find video interviewing less intimidating than face-to-face.  

Not to say we told you so… but we kinda did. Virtual interviewing is here to stay. So, if you’re still avoiding it then you’re going to lose candidates and clients to someone who’s not.  

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