We're Hiring! 10 Reasons You'll Want to Work at Odro

We’re hiring in almost every department just now! There are junior roles in the sales team through to very experienced developers needed for the tech team. Everyone says they have the best jobs and they’re the best company to work for. We thought we’d show, rather than just tell. 

Here we go with the top 10 reasons you should consider joining Odro.

  1. We have a work from anywhere policy. Complete flexibility. You can work from the office, your house, a coffee shop, the beach. Our best out of office so far has been a Customer Success Manager working poolside in South Africa with a lion in the background! Now that was a pretty special Zoom background.
  2. Our HQ is pretty darn cool. If you’d rather get up and go to the office every day that’s fine too. A lot of us come into the office regularly because it’s a brilliant space. Located smack bang in Glasgow Green we have incomparable views and lunchtime walking routes. We moved into the new space in late 2021 so the space is packed with shiny new appliances and vibrant wall art by local artists. Check it out here.
  3. Perks! Odro sets us up with gym memberships, health insurance and life insurance (we get regular cheeky Nandos deliveries too). Enabling the team to keep fit, healthy and happy is essential.
  4. We have career progression and training opportunities. Head of Learning and Development, Kerry Connor, is always on hand to map out career plans. Kerry is a master at setting goals and helping to implement tactics to achieve them. Odro will always take your entire career into account, not just your Odro career!
  5. We’re super social. We have regular out of office events including mountain climbing, treetops adventure courses and crazy golf. But if staying inside and chilling is more your vibe, you’ll be pleased to know we also have a bar in our HQ. Grab a pint at “The Craic Den” after a long week, it’s just 10 feet from your desk or go down the stairs to West Brewery's famous beer garden.
  6. We have top class software. Our video sales messaging, content creation and video interviewing features are ever-evolving and improving. The in-house developers continually work to make sure Odro is the most innovative recruitment solution out there. They’re always pushing the barriers of what video tech can do for our customers.
  7. We have amazing customers. From UK based giants Hays to solo recruiters in Australia. Agencies and in-house teams alike are reaping the benefits of Odro and singing our praises.
  8. Livewell Lunch Club. New for 2022, the LLC has a different topic each month designed to help the team, you guessed it, live well! So far we’ve had a finance management class with Aynslie from the finance team and a yoga session.
  9. We pride ourselves on our culture and values. “Have each other's backs” and “take the pain early” are two phrases you’ll hear often. No decision is made without considering if it complements and adheres to the values we preach. As they say, there’s no “I” in “team”. We will always strive to maintain and improve the strong team dynamic we’ve built so far.
  10. We’re growing! Every branch of the organisation has had an injection of new talent in the past year. Odro as a whole has grown every year since its inception in 2012. It’s an exciting time to join as we take off. Big things have already been but much bigger things are yet to come.

Sound up your street? Send your CV to recruitment@odro.co.uk!

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