What Candidates Want, What They Really Really Want

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We talk a lot about attracting candidates and keeping them engaged, but what do they really want from the hiring process? Before anyone jumps in and says “A JOB” 🤡, yep, that’s the aim. But there’s actually a tonne of things candidates can gain from the experience, whether they’re successful or not. Let’s take a look…


Communication is king 👑 In a recent survey, 47% of candidates said their biggest ick is when recruiters don’t call or update them about a role. A lot of recruiters might be thinking “that’s rich” after years of being ghosted on the daily but, in reality, good candidates are getting hounded all the time (especially in a candidate-short market) and don’t have time to reply to every message they receive. On the other hand, it’s part of your job to keep them engaged and aware of what’s going on.

Keep your candidates up to date whether it’s on the job market, the progress of an application or for feedback after an interview. Being rejected from a job without giving a reason is another huge downer for candidates, with 44% agreeing.


A few weeks ago we posted a blog stating the majority (48%) of UK workers wanted more salary transparency in job ads, but it doesn’t stop there. Candidates also want to know who their potential employers are before they apply or interview, with 37% of candidates finding it irritating when recruiters don’t name the employer. Increasingly employers are being more transparent about formerly “taboo” topics like salary and maternity pay. So it’s worth pushing back on this point if your client is reluctant as it will turn potential candidates off.


It’s a bonus for employers to provide a flexible working environment but candidates are also looking for flexibility in the recruitment process. This is where it’s tech’s time to shine! ✨

The introduction of video software for recruiters has not only made your lives easier but also the candidates’. With video interviews, candidates save time and money versus having to commute to an in-person interview. Plus, if hiring in high volume roles, asynchronous interviews can be completed by candidates any day or time online with our Solo Interview product. 


Don’t make your relationship purely transactional. Support is super important to candidates, but don’t worry, they don’t want you to be their therapist. Be a friend. Listen, offer advice, and hype them up! Of course, you’ll need to provide all information and tick all the boxes, but supporting them emotionally provides a more positive candidate experience. In no time, they’ll be singing your praises when it comes to their friends looking for a new recruiter or you’ll spring to mind when they’re looking for their next role. 

We can provide the tech, but the rest is up to you! If you think Odro can help in your hiring process (spoiler alert: we can), then get in touch for a demo to see it in action 👇

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