What did we learn from JobAdder's Global Industry Report 2021?

What did we learn from JobAdder's Global Industry Report 2021?

Our friends at JobAdder, have compiled some valuable insights about how 2021 looked for recruitment agencies and in-house recruitment teams. We take a dive in to the key takeaways and what we can learn going forward in 2022. 

Applications per job

The ratio of job seekers to job has fallen from an average of 14.89 applications per job (in Q4 2020) to 6.59 applications per job (in Q4 2021). It seems those who were made redundant as a result of the pandemic in early 2020 picked up roles before the end of 2020 when the market picked up again. 2021 saw people reluctant to leave positions because either they just started or they were in a company that had seen them through the disruption. Why leave and risk being hit by the next wave? This has resulted in the infamous ”candidate shortage” we’ve all heard about in the past few months. 

Sourcing vs Advertising

In 2019, 20% of agency candidate applications came from candidate sourcing and 80% from job advertisements. In 2021, this switched to 50/50. With fewer applications per job, recruiters have had to reassess their talent acquisition and proactively look for top talent. Job ads are still important but getting them infront of candidates has changed. There are now fewer people scrolling job boards than before. Recruiters have to get creative in how they grab the attention of potential candidates.  

However, in-house teams are still getting 80% of their candidates from just from job ads. An increase in active efforts towards building a positive employer brand could be playing a part in this. The best companies are attracting the top talent to them instead of having to source it. 

Days to hire 

There is a clear difference in process between agency recruiters and in-house recruiters and this continues when looking at days to hire statistics. Within agencies there has been an increase from 36 days per vacancy (in Q4 of 2020) to 39 days (in Q4 of 2021). When we take a look at in-house recruiters, their average days to hire per vacancy has dramatically decreased from 55 (in Q4 of 2020) to 33 (in Q4 2021). Agencies were focusing on speeding up the recruitment solutions before the pandemic as well as implementing more efficient processes as a solution. In-house teams have effectively caught up with this trend now (and appear to have over taken). 

What’s in store for 2022?

It will be interesting to see how the market continues to recover and which trends continue. We know so far that the industry is becoming more candidate experience focused so we expect to see this shift in focus and shake up the 2022 stats. 

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