What should my recruitment tech stack look like in 2022?

People naturally tend to slow down towards the end of the year. The festive season is coming and that means plenty of nights out, two weeks off work and lots of reflecting on the year past. We’re also less likely to make any big moves in the later stage of the year. So although we’ve been seeing record-breaking months for many recruiters in October and November, we could see this take a dive in December. 

It’s widely believed that the best time to look for a new job is in January and February as hiring managers receive their budget for the year and can start implementing either team expansions, or even total staff restructures, to meet their goals for the year. 

Clever recruiters will use December to get prepared for the new year instead of leaving it to January when there are loads of roles to fill. What do you need to hit 2022 running? We’ve got you covered with the essential tech for recruiters 2022. 

LinkedIn for Content

Back in the day, LinkedIn would just be used for sourcing candidates and business development. How times have changed. LinkedIn is now just as valuable as the more mainstream social media platforms for content. People buy from people and in recent years the B2B market has moved towards authenticity being the main factor in both messaging and buying decisions. You’re allowed to have a job and have a personality, who knew?! In fact, in order to get the best clients and attract top talent to work with you, it’s becoming actively encouraged. This trend will continue into 2022 so start building that personal brand and get it out there on LinkedIn. 


Having a functioning CRM is the definition of having your ducks in a row. Being able to see leads, prospects and customers' journeys through the business in black in white will allow you to highlight where things are going right and where things are going wrong. You can also make future plans based on predicted income timelines. Doubling down on the cliché metaphors today but a good CRM also means your teams are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Marketing can target more personalised communications and you can start to automate your sales messaging, giving you more time for tasks that require manual work. 


We’re not talking about the camera on your phone or the link your pal sent you to join the Zoom quiz during lockdown. We’re talking about software that enhances every aspect of your processes. And it just happens to be video software. More personalised business development messages with a proven higher response rate. Easy to edit, branded video content that can be shared on social media. Plus video interviewing tools for both two-way interviews and solo interviews. Oh and fancy smancy interactive talent dashboards to boot. Send over your shortlist to the client and in just one click they can view all the candidates, their first stage interview, CV and relevant docs in one place! Did you catch on that this list has been written by a video software supplier? Totally unbiased though. 

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