Video Messaging

Capture™ - a multi-award winning video prospecting tool

Interviewing is only part of the story. Engaging sought-after candidates is often the most time-consuming part of a recruiter’s job, with a lot of time and effort spent for little return. That’s why we developed Capture™, an instant HD video sales messaging tool that’s proven to dramatically increase response rates.

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Capture Attention. Increase Engagement.

You can duplicate your videos and add personalisation in seconds, helping you attract more of the best talent for your hiring managers and leave a lasting impression on your candidates. For agency recruiters, Capture™ will also help you engage prospect clients you’ve been unable to reach before. Capture attention at the click of a button and let the responses roll in.

Cut Through the Noise

HD video messaging at the click of a button. Plus our Quickfire duplication feature lets you personalise your messages at scale.

Callback Requests & Instant Notifications

Receive callback requests and instant notifications when your videos have been viewed for immediate follow-up.

Dual-screen Technology, Multi-Distribution

Record your message against an impactful backdrop and send via multiple mediums in seconds, with documents and links attached.

Engagement Rates Up 80%

Enjoy improved engagement rates of up to 80% versus traditional cold calling, InMail and email outreach.

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Our Clients on Capture

“Having Capture has dramatically increased our engagement when doing BD. We brought
on various customers last year– who’ve spent over £50k each– by taking them through our
newly adopted Odro lifecycle. It’s now a case of ‘Capture, video interview, shortlist, closure.”

Calum Lyle, Director, Robertson Sumner

“Capture was a big seller for us. Being able to send video sales messages screen record while you're
talking is a game-changer. These days candidates are desperate to be able to present themselves
to hiring managers and Odro allows them to be seen.”

Mike Bolton, Director, Comton Group

“I constantly have candidates coming back to me on Capture messages saying it was really nice
to see something different. We love sending video messages saying "Good luck!" to our candidates
before interviews or on their first days, it's strengthening relationships.”

Kevin Theobald, Divisional Manager, MRL

“We secured nine clients meetings using Captures in the last month. That’s over £100k of business to
us which, as a start-up, has given us the opportunity to grow much quicker than we ever thought was
possible. It’s incredible.”

Patrick Waites, Co-founder, Coltech

“Odro is vital to our process. It's so embedded in what we do that it's actually difficult to quantify the
exact impact it's had. Suffice is to say we wouldn't be without it. We had looked at other solutions,
including some free ones, but it was clear that Odro is far superior.”

Will Grashoff, Founder & Managing Director, OX Seven

“Odro has got us a seat at the virtual table with clients faster. In a world where differentiation and
innovation are applauded by those being sold to, this platform has started conversations sooner
than would otherwise have been possible.”

James Canosa, Director - Stott and May



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