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The mission at Odro, which underpins everything we do, is to streamline the hiring process. We do this by equipping recruiters with a state-of-the-art video platform that helps them to engage more prospects and fill more roles, faster. Odro is a solution for sales, marketing and interviewing in one easy to use, cloud-based portal that will transform your agency.

The Complete Solution

  • Instant HD sales messaging
  • Boost engagement rates by 80%
  • Real-time notifications
  • Complete video editing suite
  • Job ads & brand promotion
  • Multi-channel distribution
  • Live two-way interviews
  • One-way solo interviews
  • Shortlisting & analytics

All in One Place

  • Interviewing, sales messaging, content creation
  • Customisation & white labelling
  • Unlimited usage & recording storage
  • Zoom & MS teams integration
  • Complete data security – ISO 27001 certified
  • CRM integration
  • One-click access for your clients & candidates
  • Advanced MI reporting
  • No downloads, passwords or logins required
  • ROI tracking
  • Multi-device & network compatibility
  • Ongoing lifetime learning support
  • CV & multi-attachment storage
  • Dedicated tech support
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Odro benefits everyone in the hiring process


  • Engage more with latest BD tools
  • Screen candidates faster
  • Improved visibility & control
  • Data-led behaviour insight


  • Skip first stage interviews
  • Minimise diary coordination
  • Access better talent
  • Half the time to hire


  • Greater flexibility
  • Faster feedback
  • Skip a stage in the process
  • One interview, several opportunities

With Odro at their fingertips your consultants can deliver a superior service to your clients and candidates. Our sales and marketing features will dramatically improve your engagement rates, while our advanced interviewing and analytics tools help you streamline your process for optimum impact. The best bit is your clients and candidates will reap the benefits too. Here are just some of the ways Odro software helps.

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