Recruitment Video Interview Software

Vision™ - a cutting-edge video interview platform and shortlisting suite

Vision™ is an end-to-end video interviewing software solution that gives you greater control of the recruitment process. Whether you’re looking to set up solo, one-way interviews to better manage volume, or conduct and record two-way interviews online, Vision™ will help dramatically increase your job to placement ratio.

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With Vision™ You’re Invaluable

On top, our industry-leading shortlisting portal, Talent Dashboards, supercharges the experience for your hiring managers while giving you access to powerful analytics that give you more insight and visibility than ever before.

Live, Two-way Interviews

Conduct and record live, two-way interviews with candidates in your own virtual interview room

Conduct and record live, two-way interviews with candidates in your own virtual interview room and remove at least one stage, if not more, stages in the hiring process. Next, send your shortlisted candidates to your hiring manager to watch at a time that suits and follow-up with data-led insight from there. Talent Dashboards can be shared across the business, saving valuable time and money. Adding video interview software to your process gives you far greater control and dramatically improves your chances of a hire being made when it gets to the final stage.

Solo, One-way Interviews

Screen candidates faster with solo, asynchronous video interview, perfect for high volume roles

Solos are the perfect time-saving solution for roles with a high volume of applicants or when trying to coordinate diaries with a candidate is proving problematic. Within Vision™ you can quickly and easily add questions to create a pre-recorded first stage interview that your candidates can complete in their own time. You can then either use this to screen CVs before shortlisting or, depending on the role, to ask candidates your hiring manager’s first-stage questions. Just like two-way interviews, solos can be sent via a Talent Dashboard for review.

Video Shortlisting

Send your shortlisted candidates to clients in a co-branded digital portal with Talent Dashboards

Specialist video interview software is about more than just interviewing online. Instead of sending over CVs and trying to find a time to catch up with hiring managers to keep things moving, send them a link to a branded Talent Dashboard. This will have your shortlisted candidate videos, CVs, salary, notice, plus any other documents you want to include, ready for their review. You can add comments, an intro video and flag candidates that have other interviews. Talent Dashboards take your shortlists to a whole new level, providing hiring managers with everything they need in one place. They can even interact with your shortlist with likes, comments, callback and interview requests and you’ll be notified in real-time as they do!

X-Ray Analytics & Reporting

Gain real-time insight on your interviews and shortlists with our powerful analytics tool

Talent Dashboards feature a powerful X-Ray analytics tool that gives you real-time insight on your video interviews and shortlists. You’ll see in-depth engagement stats, including who’s watching, when and for how long, which means you can transform your speccing and marketing of candidates into another game-changing part of your day. Armed with this info, you can follow up with data-led advice, helping to cement the added value you’re offering. Appointed system administrators can access organisational and recruiter level data too, giving you a complete picture of your business’ usage and successes. Result! If you’re big on measuring success, check out our reports page for more on that. Reporting >>

Our Clients on Vision™

“Since taking Odro on 12 weeks ago, Adecco Corporate has made over a quarter of a million
pounds from solo interviews alone! The system was so easy to use...all of the interviews took
place without any issues. My client absolutely loves it.”

Andrea Redmond, Contract Manager, The Adecco Group

"The addition of video interviewing technology has become a tangible USP which has helped us to upsell
and to improve the quality of business we're doing. In one month alone we posted revenues
of £125,958 in permanent placements as a direct result of using Odro.”

Natasha Neller, Head of Sales Operations, Austin Fraser

“We knew Odro was the right solution for us because it’s so straight forward and simple to use!
Usability issues had been a massive blocker for the uptake of digital interviewing but with Odro
our clients and candidates can use it quickly and easily, regardless of their technical abilities.”

Kerry O’Neil, Head of Marketing, Cast UK

“The way the shortlist portal presents the information to the client is a real highlight. The
videos sit alongside the CVs, tests and assessments in a password protected, branded website
for the client. It's far superior to sending an email.”

Chris Huffen, Regional Managing Director, Macildowie

“We believe the platform allows candidates to showcase themselves on a level playing field. It's
not all about the CV, it's about the person we can put in front of the client. We love that shortlists
allows us to provide a condensed view of the market to our client.”

Chris Coyne, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Morson

“We've had massive success as a result of the analytics. We love being able to see how much of the
video our clients have watched. It allows us to go back to the candidate we're representing, dig a little
bit deeper and then go back to the client with more, or clearer, info.”

Mike Bolton, Director, Comton Group

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