What's New at Odro >>>

Always be innovative. That’s what we tell our customers. 

But what are we doing? We never want to be those guys who “talk the talk” but can’t “walk the walk”, so Odro as you knew it, is gone. Well that’s a lie, it’s not totally gone. We’re still helping thousands of recruiters worldwide start more conversations, fill roles faster and reduce their time-to-hire, but we’ve made our services way more accessible and flexible. 

So, what exactly is new at Odro, I hear you ask? Well, there are lots of changes that are already underway which we’ll run though, but know we’re not done yet 😉

New people and a new structure

Since the start of the year, we’ve grown and had lots of lovely new faces join the team and have made a lot of changes to the structure of the company. Embracing change is important to maintain your competitive advantage and it’s something we encourage whether it’s challenging a customer to change their mindset on video, or our team when there are changes around the office. 

With the introduction of our AMAZING VP of Revenue, Donna Owen, who joined us a couple of months ago, it made it switch up our Senior Leadership Team, or what is now known as our Executive Team which is made up of Ryan McCabe (CEO), Mark Beeby (CTO), Susie Lawler (VP of Marketing) and Donna Owen (VP of Revenue). 

New pricing

We’ve gone modular! Before, you could only use Odro by purchasing the full suite, but now it’s more accessible and flexible. You just pay for the features you want so if you’re only looking for video sales messaging, you can now have Capture as a lone product. 

Plus, we have now launched our first freemium, non-video-based product!

New products

Hello Hiredeck! Our new digital shortlisting portal was a pretty big pivot for a company that until now, solely focussed on video-based software products. It’s also our first-ever freemium model and the first time we brought a standalone product to market.

Hiredeck is free inside Bullhorn, so if you’re a Bullhorn user, you’re going to want to get yourself set up. It provides the best hiring experience for you and your clients and gives you that competitive edge. Plus, it couldn’t be easier to use! Read all about Hiredeck here >>> or visit our website at www.hiredeck.io

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