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Company cultures

Company culture. It’s a term that most businesses are now familiar with and that’s a good thing, because the culture you create within your business could be the difference between success and failure.

Does your company put a strong emphasis on culture? No? Then the implications are far reaching and potentially disastrous for your business’s future.

Companies with good culture will always trump those that perform poorly in that area (or sometimes not at all).

But what exactly is company culture and why is it so important?

Forbes defines the attributes of company culture as vision, values, norms, systems, symbols, language, beliefs and habits, amongst others. We would go along with that. It sums up company culture pretty well.

There is one central theme to company culture that pops up again and again – employee happiness. In some ways, company culture is what creates employee happiness… but employee happiness is also what helps to create a good company culture.

The best companies, with the best cultures, will always attract the best employees. You don’t need to be particularly smart to work out what happens when you have the best employees… it leads to a successful business.

Can you see how important it all is and how it’s all interconnected?

Essentially, company cultures are crucial because without them, you have no chance of building a world-beating team.

So how do you create a world-class company culture? It’s actually a lot more straight forward than you might think.

Flexibility is key

The days of working 9 till 5 are long gone (you should have realised that by now). Workers value flexibility as a key culture and it’s one that you absolutely have to offer to create a good one.

Whether it’s working hours, place of work, or even responsibilities, if you can offer employees a fair and flexible working environment then you’re on your way to creating an awesome company culture.

Make it fun

The idea of work being “fun” is still sadly an alien concept to many companies but great company cultures are born out of happiness. Most of us spend more time at work than we do with our families so it’s absolutely vital that your team enjoy themselves.

Short of plastering the walls in ‘You don’t have to be mad to work here… but it helps’ posters, there are lots of ways to make work fun.

Things like ‘lunch and learn’ sessions where the company buys the lunch and someone from another department presents an informal talk on their job or drinks on Fridays are easy ways to build moral.

The chance to develop

Personal development is one of the biggest calling cards for the best employees, and many consider it more important than remuneration.

If you can offer your team the opportunity to develop through courses and mentoring, you’re far more likely to hold on to your best team members. It’s not rocket science is it? Unless, of course, your company is in rocket science…

Be a social leader

Your company reputation is crucial, not only from a customer viewpoint but also from an employee one. Companies that have a strong commitment to social responsibility are viewed far more favourably by potential employees.

Some companies designate time to offsite volunteering for their employees, for example. This might not be practical for your company but it’s certainly something to consider.

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