Why do people leave jobs or look for new ones?

2020 turned everything on its head. People really got to see who and what was most important to them. We all had the time to reevaluate our lives, relationships and careers. So as everything starts to open up again, we predict change is in the air for 2021. As well as there being an influx of candidates on the market through redundancy, there’s many who are just looking for something new, and with a different set priorities than they had before.

Funny Money

Money isn’t the driving force it used to be. Millennials are more likely to take a job with lower pay if they believe that this position gives them a sense of meaning. Is it possible that after a year of widespread misery people are finally valuing their happiness over everything else?! Even money!


As well as a sense of meaning, candidates want career advancement. They want to learn. We all had time to picture the life we want in quarantine and now we can strive towards it! If that means progressing in our careers then we’re going to do it at any cost! 

Culture Club

The 9-5, chained to the desk in a mandatory suit is out of the window! Unless, of course, you’re into that sort of thing! Authenticity and personal branding are the future and candidates have caught on. If you’re going to spend 35-hours a week working for a company then you want it to be somewhere you fit in. When you fit in you can be your best self and produce your best work. Businesses need to be showcasing their values and culture more than ever if they want to attract the best talent on the market. 

B-Bye Bossy 

A boss who wants to teach you everything they know so you can one day move into their position or a boss who, er, bosses you around? As we’ve said candidates want career development and how are they going to know you’re the place they’re going to get it? By showing them you’re there to mentor them and mould them rather than simply to tick things off a to-do list.

So, to attract new top talent from the fresh market, or simply to keep the superstars you have in place now, it’s time to consider the above. Throwing money at the problem just isn’t going to fly anymore. 

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