Why You Must Pay Attention to Diversity and Inclusion

D&I issues are not new, but we can agree the education and awareness around them have accelerated in recent times. And rightly so. It can be a tricky subject to talk about but this doesn’t mean it’s to be avoided. Thom Dennis, CEO at Serenity In Leadership gave 10 reasons why diversity is so vital and may well be the key to healthier times in 2021. Let’s explore-

  1. Diversity increases awareness and curiosity.

You know what they say “diversity is the spice of life”. The more cultures, attitudes and beliefs, the more exciting the team. And the more everyone learns to understand and respect others’ points of view at a personal level rather than just reading about them. A well-informed and socially educated team sounds like a good one to me!

  1. Diversity promotes individuality.

A mix of demographics and personalities will make people more comfortable just being their authentic selves and not altering how they behave to fit the cookie-cutter mould. The more authentic you are to yourself the better you perform. Plus, it’s more exciting to have varying personalities and opinions.

Side note: Authenticity is one of our three core values here at Odro and what a difference it makes! No personal brands in sight. Just people being their true, genuine selves with nothing getting in their way.

  1. Diversity creates a healthier environment.

Truly equal opportunity for promotions, and happy staff who feel free to be themselves creates a healthy, diverse workplace. A healthy, diverse workplace creates better mental health.

  1. Diversity is good for business.

As McKinsey’s have noted, diverse companies are far more likely to outperform their less diverse peers. Plus, if you are seen to be doing more than the bare minimum (ticking boxes) you will attract better talent.

  1. Diversity promotes new thinking.

Going back to not just having a team of people from the same cookie-cutter who would have the same ideas, having a diverse team opens the door to more ideas and collaboration of creative thoughts!

  1. Diversity unites us.

Encouraging inclusivity and equality promotes harmony and unity. Diversity creates space for us to gain awareness, educate, integrate, evolve and include.

  1. Diversity leads to better understanding.

Instead of seeing someone’s differences as negatives, promoting diversity encourages people to learn about different beliefs, educating ourselves to reduce our unconscious biases.

  1. Diversity prevents bullying.

Active, genuine inclusion is the most effective way of eliminating dysfunctional, power-plays and bullying behaviour. Stomp out the “odd-one-out” mentality by having lots of different types of people.

  1. Diversity reduces stereotypes.

Understanding, accepting and embracing people’s differences will reduce stereotyping, even when unconscious. Check yourself and your team for unconscious biases by encouraging self-awareness.

  1. Diversity promotes respect.

A diverse, educated and culture embracing team is a respectful team.

Paying attention to diversity and inclusion makes you not only a better company morally but a stronger team overall. 

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