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Our industry-leading T&I programme
will get you off to the best possible start

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If you think you know what to expect
from a SaaS supplier, think again.

Adding Odro to your tech stack will take your service offering to a whole new level. But with all new tech – no matter how good it is – adoption is key. Which is why we’ve developed an industry-leading, process-led approach to training and implementation. For us, it’s not about selling the solution and moving on. We take time to understand your business, then we tailor our approach to suit. This ensures we always deliver what we promise and guarantees optimum impact from day one of launch.

On average our clients achieve three times
their annual investment in the platform within

Lifetime Learning. Ongoing Adoption.

Pre-launch, we’ll work with you to build anticipation and to ensure your recruiters are engaged. On training day, the simplicity of the platform means users typically pick up the technical aspects of each product within 20-minutes. But we don't stop there. Our success team will ensure your recruiters understand how to execute with video too; during training, after training and throughout your lifetime as an Odro customer.

Training pack

After training we’ll provide you with a
pack containing tops tips, best practices
and success stories covering
each element of the platform.

121 coaching

Your recruiters will have access to
additional, one-on-one training and
support any time they need it via
our online booking system.

Review calls

Your dedicated Account or Customer Success
Manager will schedule a monthly review call
with the project lead at your end to
discuss successes, usage patterns and trends.


Sent weekly, these give everyone in the business an overview of their usage and how they compare to others within the company. A great way to encourage competition within the team.

Lifetime Learning

We host monthly Lifetime Learning sessions
ensuring your team stays at the forefront
when it comes to using video
in the most impactful way.


Technical Success

Technical issues are rare but when the need arises, our dedicated Support Team is on hand to help. They’re available not just for you, but for your candidates, clients and hiring managers too, giving you added reassurance and complete peace of mind. As well as providing first-rate reactive support, the team also runs ongoing diagnostic tests in the background, tracking trends within your business to make sure everything is working as it should be. You can even book in for a tech review.

Our people are your people.

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