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Behind the Scenes

You’ve probably clocked on by now; we love video. Whether it’s product updates, client success stories, documenting our journey or just for laugh, there’s usually a camera involved. Check out some of our favourites below.

Austin Fraser - Odro On the Road

Planet Earth - The Recruitment Agency

Hiredeck Launches! with a Bucking Bronco

Build Space - Odro On the Road

Active Recruiters

Active Recruiters 2021

Jenny's Story

2020 Results

Active Recruiters 2020



Microsoft Teams


Solo - Mini Series

Producer - Mini Series

Capture - Mini Series

Staff Initiation

Odro Island

Eirin Scrum Master

Iso Adam

Jenny from the Blog


On the Road


Austin Fraser

Walters People

Cast UK


Mean Tweets

Odro in Isolation 1

We're Back!

Odro in Isolation 2

Odro in Isolation 3

Odro in Isolation 5

Odro in Isolation 6

Odro in Isolation 7

Odro in Isolation 8

Odro in Isolation 9

Competition Winner

Win a Trip to Ibiza

The Early Days

Building Odro

Expanding Our Team

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